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10 Lessons to Learn in Life From the World Crisis

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There are lessons to learn from every situation. In this article, you’ll get to know ten lessons to learn from the world crisis we experience.

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Change they say is constant, and we have seen it happen countless times. We experience change whenever a crisis hits us.

During a world crisis, we experience a critical, unstable situation that causes an abrupt change in the social, political, economic, or military event.

All these causes traumatic or stressful change in our lives. Regardless of the situation, we can learn one or two lessons from the experience.

Life will always be what it is. And the experience we get out of it will always be the best teacher. So we just need to cut off from the negativity that comes with it to capitalize on it.

We mustn’t just experience the wounds or damages we face in life, we should also strive to turn them into lessons. That’s how we grow wiser.

Lessons to learn in life from the world crisis

Here are ten lessons to learn in life from the world crisis we experience.

1. Life will not always be the same

No situation in life is permanent. Life has taught us that things can change at any time even when we least expect it. So we should bear in mind that life is all about change.

While we have the freedom we deserve, it’s also important to note that life is one of those things that we don’t have control over. But we can make it favorable if we decide to.

We just have to stay prepared in life. We also need to make the best out of it, enjoy the great moments that we have, and invest better energy into the world.

2. Planning

One thing that determines how good a project will turn out is the ability to come up with a plan. As one plan on achieving a goal, the person will need to have intended actions.

It’s not a myth that a crisis could come at any time, even on the verge of achieving a goal. However, with good planning, you will be more likely to withstand the crisis.

Aside from that, a good plan helps in coordination, keeping one energized, and making goals a success. This is very important considering the tension that comes with a crisis.

3. Investment

Not only is having other sources of income good for financial freedom, but it also gives one a stand during a crisis. Investment is among the aspects of diversification that puts one in a position to grow his or her finance.

A lot of bad things could happen to someone’s source of livelihood, especially during a world crisis. In the worst-case scenario, that source of livelihood may be very hard to come back.

At least, if one can’t invest capital in the hope of financial gain, the person can invest time or/and energy.

Although it may not be the easiest thing to do, it’s something that guarantees benefits or purpose, especially for the future unseen.

4. Skill acquisition

As it stands, there’s no shortage of skills that people can acquire. Although depending on one’s preference of skills to obtain, no one can tell the particular skill that will be an advantage during a crisis.

Also, with the right skill, you have an upper hand in surviving during a world crisis. Considering how global the world has become, acquiring a skill is like being part of what is going on in the world.

And so when a crisis comes up, the knowledge you possess and the difference you make will expose you to opportunities.

5. Personal development

In the quest to actualize our dreams and aspirations, we must engage in activities that will develop our capabilities and potential.

This is sure to improve the quality of life, and quality life equals a happier life. The world crisis is a sad experience, but we can still find happiness and positivity.

So how happy and positive we stay during a crisis also depends on how we have developed ourselves.

Some people start the process of growing themselves through personal development early enough, others don’t. But early is better irrespective of when one starts.

6. Networking

Even though not many people are into networking, it still doesn’t mean it’s not necessary for career growth. Networking serves as a means for people to exchange information and ideas.

The period of crisis could be one of the best times to put into practice the ideas and information you share through networking.

Another importance of building a strong network is that it helps in achieving career success, which is crucial during periods of world crisis.

In other words, the more valuable network you’re able to build, the more career benefit you stand to gain, especially during periods of world crisis.

7. Personal hygiene

Until tomorrow and forever, personal hygiene is one vital part of our lives we should take seriously, and it extremely calls for preservation and promotion. But it can be easy for humans to neglect it.

It’s important to note that there are conditions and practices that we have to abide by, to preserve health.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in particular, advised that regular bathing and laundering are important for cleanliness and appearance.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that such practices help to prevent hygiene-related diseases such as conjunctivitis, ringworm, scabies, typhus, etc.

8. Staying healthy

Truly, “health is wealth.” In regards to that, when the immune system is strong, it helps to combat diseases. But how does one go about strengthening the immune system?

Eating healthy is one way to go about it. What we eat and drink can affect the body’s ability to fight, prevent, and recover from any infection.

Other ways to go about it include quitting tobacco, taking fruits and vitamins, being physically active, and going for a regular check-up.

However, people should look after their mental health, practice healthy parenting, and more. These serve as measures to take for health’s sake, during a world crisis.

9. Self-motivation

Apart from being able to cope with challenging times, self-motivation helps to put us in a better mental condition.

Without a doubt, a world crisis can put people into depression. Some people lose their willingness to take any action.

So investing in self-motivation is one of the best investments anyone can make. Things like having a good motto come from motivation and give motivation.

But surprisingly, not many people have invested in self-motivation.

10. Positivity and calmness

While it may be seen as something easy to do, staying positive and calm during a world crisis is not one of the easiest things to do.

Irrespective of the fact that it’s not easy, it’s one of the best things we could do in moments like these. And people learned the need to put calmness and positivity into action.

The people who haven’t learned it realize they needed to. And that’s because the world crisis brings about changes we just have to deal with for the time being.

So the best we could do is to stay calm and transform the mindset into the positive side. If we knew a crisis will come, we could have prepared ourselves for it.


A Difficult situation like a world crisis is just part of life experiences. And like every other life experience, the best we could make out of it is to learn from it.

Sure, world crisis brings changes in our lives, which is a good reminder that change is constant in life. And it even opens our eyes to know this world is ours, and that we need to treat it as such.

If we manage the pains it brings us, we will get stronger. If we learn from the lessons it teaches us, we will become wiser. And if we go-ahead to apply the strength and wisdom it brings, we will create a better world.

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