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12 Reasons Getting Through Tough Times Can Be Good

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Something good also comes out of hardships. In this article, you will get to twelve reasons why getting through tough times can be good too.

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Photo Credit: Pexels / Dziana Hasanbekava

In its enormous and brilliantly sparkling nature, diamond is coal that did well under pressure. If only there was a better way to say it, but we should always remember this anytime we experience hardship in life.

There are lots of facts about life and hardship that will just make you think, “oh, well, hardship is truly part of life and kind of makes life’s existence more meaningful.”

Oftentimes, we only focus more on the negative, such that we barely see the positive. Difficult times also help in shaping us into better people, so we just need to embrace them.

What does hardship mean?

Hardship is a situation that is hard to endure. It’s a condition that causes difficulty, suffering, oppression, and deprivation. When one experiences hardship in life, it’s hard to accept, it causes discomfort, frequent toil, or danger.

12 reasons getting through tough times can be good

Here are twelve reasons why getting through tough times can be good.

1. It invokes ideas

There’s something about getting through tough times that is synonymous with mustering ideas. When you go through tough times, you will be challenged to find ideas on how to tackle problems.

More often, open-minded people take advantage of the challenges they face to stay open to ideas. This makes them come up with great ideas.

Before there were cars and planes, we walk or use donkeys, camels, and horses for transportation. These challenges led to world leaders who thought of what to do and came up with innovative ideas.

2. It can make you more compassionate

Experiencing something in life will make you inclined to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Experiencing hardship can boost your emotional intelligence and make you more compassionate.

Because you understand how it feels to be in that situation, you will likely take action to relieve others from going through such a situation. Likewise, being kind to others can be a result of what you have experienced in life.

3. It makes you stronger

Although adversity brings pain, it’s the same pain you go through that makes you stronger as you fight life challenges. Surviving the hard times will shape you into a stronger person.

However, self-pity or blaming others will not only make it hard to survive hard times, but it could also put your mental health in danger. Also, tough times can make you put the key traits required for staying strong into practice when you embrace the situation.

4. It teaches certain lessons

When life is all good and fun, it can be hard to discover certain lessons we could learn during adversity. In most cases, the lessons we learn in tough times could be things we took for granted until we learn why those things matter.

As a result, when we finally learn lessons through tough times, we learn to make better decisions and more ready to put into practice the lessons learned.

5. It makes you grow all-around

To grow, you have to learn, and it’s what you learn that creates the opportunity for growth and personal development. Adversity tends to make us more humble, and humility makes us willing to learn.

While things may be bad during tough times, the constant search for ways to make things go well could be all you need to grow. Similarly, the desire to overcome the challenge leads to a desire into putting into practice what you learn.

6. It builds character

When you overcome hardship in life, it helps to build your character. It’s during our hardest times that we get to strengthen our moral and mental qualities the best. We adopt principles that will guide us through all we do in life.

As such, we relate better to the principles. Besides, developing character is a process, and if the process doesn’t involve learning, it may not produce great results. Sometimes, we have to experience the other side of life to build our character, else we build ego.

7. Deeper understanding about life

One thing we always get to understand about life during tough times is that the decisions we make are very important. These decisions can help you in becoming a better person.

Also, not only do we learn that certain things happen for a reason, we understand their importance and have better thought on health, family, love, and friends. We also put purpose, education, passion, and wellness in our line of thought.

8. More grateful in good times

It’s often said that you don’t know what a situation feels like until you experience it. This is true in the case of tough times in life. Often, when we have valid reasons to be grateful, we neglect them until we experience a situation that recalls our thoughts as to why those things matter.

Although we don’t enjoy the experience of tough times, having a taste of how it feels makes us more appreciative in better times, as we enjoy the benefits of being grateful.

9. More appreciative to people

Tough times can make you understand what it feels like for someone to go all the way to be helpful to anyone. We know what it means to help others, especially when the person is going through a difficult situation.

But even if the person is not going through a difficult situation, your character will compel you into appreciating the person’s actions.

And because you will be helpful to others, appreciating others will be a second thought to you when you receive help.

10. It makes you skilled in something

Being skilled in something requires patience, and you can develop patience with the right character. Aside from patience being vital to developing skills, the growth process you undergo during difficult times will play a role in your skills.

Also, in the quest to deal with the challenge you face, you will be anxious to invest time into something. At this point, all you need is motivation to practice with patience and get ideas to be skilled at it.

11. You inspire others

For people to feel something or be compelled to do something, they need to be stimulated by an idea, event, or story. Your story can be an inspiration to people who may be in a similar situation or trying to tackle a similar situation.

And, yes, a powerful story can inspire people and make them want to change. For example, if your story can get the attention of people and engage them, it can provide a new perspective and challenge them to take action.

12. It builds passion for something

There’s something about the comfort zone that makes anyone not develop a passion for something. Because unless you’re compelled to try new things, you will hardly stand a chance of finding your passion.

In the face of adversity, you are left with either the choice to challenge your fears and go after your passions or to self-pity and not take any action. If you embrace the challenges and make moves, you will find your passions.


We may face tough times in our lives, but it doesn’t only affect us negatively, it also affects us positively. We are like diamonds during hardships, and it’s a process we go through to shape us into greatness.

Although it’s a hard situation that causes difficulty, suffering, oppression, deprivation, discomfort, and toil, it’s not a situation that stays forever. We just need to embrace it and know it’s part of life.

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