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13 Lies We Tell Ourselves On a Regular Basis

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Sometimes as humans, we set ourselves in the wrong direction by lying to ourselves. So in this article, you will get to know thirteen lies we tell ourselves.

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Photo Credit: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

Like you already know, there are various reasons why other people may lie to you, but there’s no reason you have for lying to own yourself.

This explains why telling ourselves lies forces us to keep being who we have always been. At worst, it may rather make things worse.

These lies seem like they’re actually protecting who we are, but in reality, they don’t.

Unfortunately, we keep telling ourselves these lies and often find ourselves living by it.

So, join me, and let’s go through thirteen lies we tell ourselves.

Table of Contents

The lies we tell ourselves

Below are thirteen lies we tell ourselves on a regular basis.

1. Assuming we aren’t lying to ourselves

The most obvious lie we tell ourselves is thinking we are telling ourselves the truth anytime we lie to ourselves.

At first, it may seem like we’re actually telling ourselves the truth, but later on, it will become known to us that we were actually wrong.

These lies we tell ourselves are based on the fact that we fail to accept who we truly are.

In other words, we simply just want to keep going without having to hurt the sense of we are.

2. Filling the blank spaces (if only)

Sometimes, being humans that we are, we never try to look past the “if only” and consider the “what if.”

There are times when we may find ourselves using the phrase, “If only” but the negativity behind it is what we fail to see.

For example, if you say, “if only I can do this,” you’re already lying by giving yourself the wrong impression.

But if you say, “what if I try this,” then that will give you self-motivation to go ahead and do it.

And to justify this, the results you would get after trying it will surprise you.

3. Telling ourselves crisis will trap us

Contrary to the popular belief, the crisis won’t trap us, rather it’s usually just what we think.

So, looking at it from the other angle, it’s just a thought that isn’t true. In fact, such thoughts could generate fear that may result in things turning out badly.

They are thoughts in our heads that we can always put aside.

However, one way to avoid this is to control the way we think. Because when the thought can be controlled, the chances of telling ourselves “crisis will trap us” will be slim.

4. Saying “I’m too old

Often times, some people limit their chances of trying something new by saying “I’m too old.”

To bring this to justice, you would agree that there are lots of people who have achieved great things as elderly people. Some of them never thought it will happen

In that case, no time is ever too late to try something or to achieve something. It only becomes too late when you don’t try.

It may surprise you the kind of result you will get if you keep your hope alive.

5. Comparing ourselves

While we may be tempted as humans to compare ourselves with other people, it’s important to know that everyone is special in his or her own way.

So, the lies we tell ourselves by comparing ourselves with other people will only affect the ability for us to recognize our strengths.

We all grow at our own pace, and everyone is special in his or her own way. And of course, we can all improve in areas that we want.

So there’s no need to compare ourselves with others.

6. Doing negative things to make ourselves happy

Another lie that we often tell ourselves is that we will be happy by doing negative things.

Sure, it may work, but it won’t last. And even if it does work, it won’t be effective.

Moreover, depending on the negative things we do to make us happy will not guarantee the true happiness we want.

This means we have to start realizing that we can always be happy all by ourselves without depending on negative things for happiness.

7. Being self-centered

It’s important than ever that we begin to let others also see the value of themselves, as this will not just make others feel important, but also expand our minds.

Being self-centered may seem like it’s the only way we can satisfy our needs, but looking at from the other side, it’s a gamble.

This means the benefits you stand to gain by sharing and getting help from others will be affected.

And looking deeper into it, we will also fail to capitalize on the law of return in nature.

8. Covering up our behaviors

One of those lies we tell ourselves is by simply covering up our behaviors.

In certain cases, people don’t just react because they want to be mad at us, but because they want to express their feelings and make it known that we acted badly.

However, if we feel guilty of our behavior but decided to cover it up, then it means we’re simply lying to ourselves.

Aside from that, let’s not forget that if we want to change and grow ourselves, we need to give up certain things.

But if we don’t accept by covering up our behaviors, the change we want becomes difficult to achieve.

9. Feeling we are below ourselves

Feeling we’re below ourselves is one of the most common lies we tell ourselves.

In cases like this, our self-esteem begins to drop, and the ability for us to reach our full potential becomes limited.

It may also interest you to know that nobody is below himself or herself, it’s just a wrong thought.

In other words, if you believe you can reach any limit, then you’re right. And if you don’t believe you can, you’re still right.

10. Thinking your life is the most difficult

Despite the fact that life can difficult, you can’t assume that yours is the most difficult.

Where you’re and how you’re fairing is what someone out there wishes for. In fact, it could be more than enough for that person.

If someone doesn’t tell you how exactly it is for him or her, you won’t be sure of what the person is going through.

So, it’s best to stay strong, positive, and grateful.

11. Thinking our past will always haunt us

It’s not always the case that our past will haunt us. At least, for a fact, we can learn how to forgive ourselves and promise not to go back to them, we should be fine.

In that case, what matters the most is that we have started all over on a new slate and never to go back.

Thinking “the past will haunt us” has also stopped some people from changing, as they feel is just won’t worth it.

12. Thinking success is the opposite of failure

Looking at other lies we tell ourselves, thinking success is the opposite of failure is one that also determines our level of mindset for success.

This thought has been a concern in the minds of those who aren’t willing to bounce back from failure.

Actually, failure is part of success, and failure doesn’t mean we can’t achieve success.

This is why some people give up easily on their dreams the moment they assume they have failed.

13. Saying “I will do it tomorrow”

Lastly, saying “I will do it tomorrow” (which obviously means not having time) is one of the greatest lies we tell ourselves.

This is because time is the most valuable asset. Obviously, you could be saying “I will do it tomorrow,” but it will surprise you that by tomorrow, you still haven’t done it.

And if you keep saying “tomorrow I will do it,” but you still haven’t done it, then you will keep procrastinating.

Which obviously could later result in not being able to do it in the end.

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