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5 Unique Qualities of a Good Mentor You Can Trust

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Photo Credit : Pexels / Nappy

Are you wondering what the qualities of a good mentor are? In this article, I will share with you five qualities of a good one you can trust.

It is often said that, “if you want to make sure you do what you can, you’ll need somebody to make you do it” this makes it super important to have a good and trusted mentor.

If you just imagined motivation and inspiration, thumbs up! You get the gist!

Good mentors are supporting pillars to reaching your potentials. They silently and actively give you immense support.

Finding a good mentor you can trust is one of the best decision you can make. However, it’s always best you make the right choice.

Knownig the qualities of a good mentor to look out for before the decision is as good as finding one as a whole.

That’s because the benefits you will gain from having a good mentor is not one you would like to miss.

So, you are motivated to get yourself a good mentor, but you don’t know the qualities to look out for. If this sounds like you, good news, you are in the right place.

Good Mentor

1. Passion and ability to inspire and motivate

These people can take the least words to inspire and motivate you. It’s more like a second nature to them, actually.

They think if they can’t motivate and inspire you, then they shouldn’t have you listening to them.

Inspite of this, what keeps them going and going strong – inspiring and motivating you is simply the passion they have for what they do.

They’re always the first to believe that passion is a driving force in life, and so, they always make sure they utilize it. Most times, this passion comes to them naturally.

It’s like they can’t forgive themselves if they make a mess of the attention you gave them, or any opportunity of such they get to advice, inspire and motivate you.

Sure, anybody can put words together and speak, but it takes quality inspiration and motivation ability to make the difference.

2. Shows clear set of values

First of all, let’s be honest here, what comes to your mind when you think of someone or something being valuable to you? Quite a lot to offer.

So yes, the answer is clear : value produces value anytime. When you think of the qualities of a good mentor, value matters a lot.

A good mentor displays good set of morals, morality and belief system. His values just have to be highly esteemed, and it helps to keep him more focused.

They already show good set values right from when they were kids to their present age, and barely goes with the crowd.

Everything they have learned, they’re learning and about to learn is based on what is right, and not based on what everyone thinks is right.

They always make sure not to confuse the truth with the opinions of majority.

Part of a good mentor qualities is that when they aren’t sure yet about something, they’ll be the first to figure it out and know if they’re right or not.

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3. Shows commitment to his or her society

Because good mentors care about the personal development of others and loves to see positive outcomes in whatever group they share some sort of common understanding with.

They always make sure they are in a progressive comminity by giving their best, so they can’t stand being in a community they aren’t committed to.

Their promise is their promise. No disappointment. If they have got anything to offer, they’ll passionately do it.

They’re not usually the loudest, but their actions speaks for them. If you ever thought good mentors aren’t concerned about what happens within his community, think again.

It’s as a result of this commitment to their society that enables them to pay close attention to details of everything that happens around them.

If they can’t figure out the deepest challenges of their community, how would they be able to come up with thoughtful answers and advice when someone seeks their opinion?

The outcome? They think deep and come up with the great advice and ideas.

4. Shows selflessness and appreciation

Another quality of a good mentor is that he’s unselfish and doesn’t think about himself alone. He’s motivated by no concern for himself but for others.

In fact, a good mentor is happier when everyone’s need and happiness is achieved. This trait triggers their passion to inspire and motivate others.

In a team, they don’t take all the glory to themselves after a goal is achieved, and they’ll appreciate you for anything you do for them, no matter how little.

They are good examples of people who displays the habit of attitude of gratitude.

They appreciate life and all life has to offer, so they pass that vibe on. It’s not their routine task, it’s something they have in-built.

Yes, through their vibe and all, you can tell you are sure of your thoughts about the person you’re considering as a mentor.

If they don’t seem to get the actual meaning of something, then they’ll search deep for answers. Valuable answers, of course.

5. Shows ability to overcome obstacles

Experienced mentors have stories to tell, and I mean lots of stories. Most of these stories comes as a result of what they have experienced.

They’re masters when it comes to knowing how to jump pass anything that impedes, stands in their way, or holding up their progress.

They might not directly tell you how they went through all these and overcame them.

Although they might not tell you how they overcame, but whenever they converse with you, if you pay attention details, you’ll notice hints of how they experienced certain life challenges and managed to overcome.

However, they also take note off these challenges, learn from them and uses them to inspire and motivate others to get through with their own difficult times.

They don’t see experience as not being the best teacher nor do they see it as something to just overcome and forget.

If they do so, they wouldn’t be able to present themselves as listeners and solid advisers.

If they can overcome obstacles themselves and care to help you overcome yours, isn’t that tremendous?

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