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7 Benefits of Standing Up For What You Believe in

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There are also rewards for every courageous act. In this article, you will get to know seven benefits of standing up for what you believe in.

Photo Credit: Pexels / Pixabay

Unless you have not tried it or even thought of it – standing up for what you believe in is not one of those easiest things out to do.

It’s tough to go with, especially when the crowd seems to be on the opposite side and you can feel all the pressure, insecurity, and tension.

It’s kind of intimidating such that you have no other choice than to keep quiet and act like nothing is happening. You don’t act – nothing – and we get it.

But as the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” This is also applicable when it comes to standing up for what you believe in. The reward you will gain is worth the pain it may cost you.

However, it can be so easy at the same time not to see some valid reasons to stand up for what you believe in. But you will be able to be your own judge after going through this list.

You will be able to summon the courage out of nowhere to go with the decision of standing up for yourself. Even if it means you standing alone.

Let’s start by knowing what standing up for what you believe in means.

What does standing up for what you believe in mean?

To put it simply, it means a purposeful delivery of being your own self; you decide what you say, do, and how things you like and things you don’t like take place or stand a chance in everything.

This kind of courageous act means that you don’t mind standing different from the crowd, even if it means standing alone. You don’t mind standing by yourself, even when others oppose you.

Besides, you know very well that every decision you make is your own decision and you know it’s the right decision. Therefore, you don’t see any reason to go with the crowd.

Benefits of upholding to what you believe in

Below are the benefits of standing up for what you believe in.

1. It builds your legacy

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Photo Credit: Freepik / Freestock

While it may not be all that easy to stand up for what you believe in, one of its benefits is that it will build a legacy that will be very pronounced.

When you adopt the habit of standing for what you believe in, you automatically lay a foundation of not deviating from what is said to be cherishable. And if numbers are involved, you retain and build more.

Maybe you have a predecessor who left a legacy – not going with the crowd ensures you stick by the legacy left until you take over it.

On the other hand, you can stand out from the crowd, stand up for what you believe to be the truth, and end up leaving a legacy for yourself like the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. and the rest of them.

2. It makes you unique

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Photo Credit: Freepik / d3images

To be one of your kind who is rare and not like anyone else, you will need to embrace the idea of standing out. This means that while the crowd is known for something common, you are known for something different.

It says something about who you are: you follow the rule of being who you are and not changing for anything or anyone. Sooner or later, your uniqueness will make you more recognized.

Also, it will expand your reach and you will grow yourself into someone who is inter-connected with something or belongs to something many people can relate to.

Uniqueness should place you in a position where you become special, feel happy, and easily relatable, rather than its opposite.

3. It boosts your confidence

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Photo Credit: Freepik / Rawpixel.com

Standing up for yourself is a confidence booster you don’t want to neglect. The end result is that if you do so, you will end up being specific, being bold, and setting boundaries rightly.

If you can keep up with these, alternatively, you will be on the path to staying true to yourself and loving yourself even better. But without this courageous act, the reverse will be the case. That’s just how it goes.

And when that happens, you start falling into the temptation of comparing yourself. As sad it may seem, many people lose their sense of confidence as a result of going with the crowd.

If you feel like you’re losing a sense of who you truly are and your confidence seems to be suffering, then it possibly means that you have joined the crowd.

4. It gives you purpose

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Photo Credit: Freepik / Freepik

Whenever you go with the decision of standing up for what you believe in, it pinpoints the fact that you have a reason for intending to do or say something.

And as you can guess, it’s most likely going to be a positive one. At least you will not be mistaking the truth for the opinion of the majority. The result? You strike on point.

Now, if you have a goal or looking forward to finding a life purpose, this means that you will be on track as you embark on the journey. You will target and strike with fierce.

Your vision becomes broader, and every result that you intend to achieve will become reality. If you notice the majority not aligning with it, aim harder – you are focused on the right target.

5. It builds your mental strength

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Photo Credit: Freepik / Jigsawstocker

Every time you stand for what you believe in, you get a chance to build your resilience and overall confidence, which in return builds your mental strength.

Let’s keep in mind that building mental strength is a process, so parts of the process you will be going through as you build it involves you standing for what you believe in.

Because the fact remains that standing up for what you believe in requires courage. With courage, you will be able to master the 4c’s of mental toughness (control, commitment, confidence, and challenge).

And because there is a connection between the brain and the mind in mental strength, your mind stays strong and your brain becomes sharper as you keep up with self-growth and learning.

6. It gives you direction

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Photo Credit: Freepik / Creativeart

Being able to stand up for what you believe in gives you direction in life. That’s also when the chance of reaching your full potential becomes real.

Because let’s be honest, you really won’t know where you are headed if you choose to follow the crowd and not figuring out where you are heading to by yourself.

The irony of everything is that if you can’t figure out where you are heading to by yourself, you will stand a high chance of being lost. Which equally translates to going nowhere.

Standing alone and being able to believe in what you know is right means you give yourself time for self-reflection and deep thought, thereby coming up with valid answers.

And after that, you use it to make the best decision and come up with where you want to go with your life. Direction begins to set in, and the horizon begins to appear more visible.

7. It attracts positive people

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Photo Credit: Freepik / Katemangostar

This is one of the most underrated benefits of standing up for what you believe in, but one that you will become addicted to if you can deal with the tough side of standing alone.

Being your own self, deciding what you say or do, and not being afraid to oppose something you don’t believe to be the best decision will keep the negative ones away from you.

Well, maybe they will hate you, but at least they will definitely keep their distance. And if you successfully get rid of this kind of energy, you automatically begin to attract its opposite.

The positive people begin to be the ones you attract. You build stronger interpersonal relationships with them.

They are the ones that will support you, cheer you up, stand by you when the going gets tough. They are the ones you can live your best life with.

These people know real when they spot one, so you will have no hard time attracting them like a magnet.

Wrap up

Although there are instances where some people give up standing up for what they believe in because of what they think they the experience feels like, we are going to assume they aren’t aware of its benefits.

To stand out and believe in something, it means that you are being courageous, being deliberate with being your own self, you decide everything, and be in total control.

Are there are times when you feel like deviating from it? Or maybe there will be negative voices telling you how hard it is, reflect on the benefits you will stand to gain if you end up standing up for what you believe in.

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