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7 Tips on How to Find a Good Motto to Live By in Life

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A good motto really can do a lot of wonders. In this article, you will get to know seven tips on how to find a good motto to live by in life.

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The popular sportswear designer brand, Nike, did something extraordinary that reflects its brand value.

Nike figured out that modern life will find it difficult to live without inspiration and motivation, so they came up with a resounding slogan, “just do it.”

Another great designer brand, Adidas, came up with, “impossible is nothing.” Not only do these slogans serve as an inspiration and motivation to fans and customers alike, but it also made them the brands that they are today.

A great motto encapsulates the belief or ideals you have. With it, you have guidelines you act on and you have the drive – you expand your horizon.

However, the problem might be coming up with a great motto to live by, but you have nothing to worry about because that’s what this article will help you to fix.

You can watch a very short video of it here:

Table of Contents

What does the motto mean?

The motto is any short message or phrase that is used to express an idea, a goal, or principles. Also, it can act as a guideline to one’s principles and beliefs.

It encapsulates the beliefs of brands, individuals, etc. It is mostly kept short and simple to help you in memorizing it and focusing more on what’s important.

Tips on how to find a good motto to live by in life

Here are seven tips on how to find a good motto to live by in life.

1. The one that encompasses where you are

Supposing you’re proud of how far you have come in life, then it will be a great idea to build your motto around how far have come in life.

But if you haven’t got to where you want to be in life, then thinking of a motto that will act as a motivation will do it. The motto you choose should be inspiring and motivating.

You would want to ensure it’s one that gives you the drive to do that which you have promised yourself. If you aren’t feeling stuck and you’re where you want to be, then you will be looking at a motto that aligns with that.

You would want to keep up with the pace as you strive for greater achievements.

2. The one that suits your personality

Everyone has a range of qualities that makes him or her distinct from other people. Look into your qualities and figure out how distinct you’re from others.

As such, it would be a great idea to come up with a motto that suits your personality. And if you’re proud of what you came up with, endeavor to capitalize on it.

In addition to that, if you have already figured out that your personality serves as an example, it should be a foundation on which you would want to establish your motto.

For example, it’s a lot better to stay true to yourself while being positive and striving to be better than faking who you aren’t at the cost of achieving something.

3. Think about the most important things

Think of these most important things as priorities. They are the things you know you should not take for granted because they should be prioritized.

You will be considering those most important things because they are that important, except, of course, you will need guiding principles to keep you abreast. This is where a good motto to live by comes in.

The way you handle these things will determine how driven, focused, positive, and ambitious you’re. Although you may be less aware of those important things, it makes sense to reflect on them.

Sometimes the most important things are those things you haven’t taken time to ponder on. Also, reflect on failures back then and think of how to turn them into success in the future.

4. Figure out who you are

Look into your values, experience, and memories, and then see what you can come up with. Put all of these into consideration when thinking of a motto to live by.

If you have these figured out, then come up with a motto after you have taken the time to define yourself. By then the technique of boosting confidence will be at its best.

The better you get at this, the better your chances of finding a good motto. The more confident and courageous you become in standing for what you believe in.

After you figured out who you are, you can start by making plans on achieving a certain goal within a time frame – not minding the opinions of others. Then you will have lots of ideas on a motto to live by.

5. Give your mind a chance

Sometimes if you have pushed hard, it’s best to give your mind a chance and listen to what your mind is telling you. It can be easy for us to neglect what our mind is telling us.

But understand that your mind cannot lie to you. If you don’t, you won’t give it a chance and at this point, you won’t care to give your mind a chance.

Odds are if you continue to figure out how to come up with a motto without giving your mind a chance, you may not be satisfied with the results yet.

If it seems like it’s been on your mind ever since and you can relate to it, concerning the kind of person you are and your personality, then it would be nice to give it a go-ahead.

6. Use challenges to your advantage

When you’re in a bid to overcome challenges, you want to see that you achieve a goal. It is that goal this is keeping you hooked up to your dreams, irrespective of the challenges you’re facing.

Take advantage of your greatest challenges by using it to find a motto that will guide through life. This time around you become fearless as you stay guarded towards achieving your goals in life.

You start to believe in the fact that for you to encounter such challenges means that you can face and conquer any challenge that you come across in life.

Challenges make us stronger. You would want a motto to live by that signifies how strong you’re and motivated you’re to keep being strong. That way, you can live life to achieve anything you want.

7. Use sayings, quotes, and phrases

You had also wanted to look into inspirational and motivational sayings, quotes, and phrases. At the very best, these should resonate with where you’re heading in life, and helping you reach your full potential in life.

Even though it’s a motto to live by you’re seeking to find, you would also want to ensure that you’re after the ones that will act as guiding principles.

Another thing you had also wanted to pay attention to when trying to come up with a motto to live by, is that it should be simple and memorable to you and others.

The more unique, simple, and memorable it is, the more it will encapsulate your beliefs and ideals. This means that you will not need to rush on this one either.

Key takeaways

Just as Nike and Adidas are brands, you’re also a brand. Therefore, you would want to demonstrate your value and be an inspiration and motivation to yourself and others.

Having known that a motto is a short message or phrase that expresses principles and acts as guidelines to brands and individuals, it tells you how important it is to have one.

So, look into who you are, your personality, where you are, your challenges, your mind, and the most important things, to come up with a resounding motto to live by.

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