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7 Tips On How To Gain Trust and Build Rapport

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While trust needs to be earned, it’s a vital part of the relationship with people. In this article, you’ll get to know how to gain trust.

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Photo Credit: Pexels / Alena Darmel

As glue forms a strong bond on different materials, so does trust forms a strong bond amongst people in the society. With trust comes growth, unity, better energy level, and productivity.

Getting humans to rely on you to do what’s right is simple and yet complex. Fair enough, trust is not something anyone can buy, it’s something one has to earn.

So this requires portraying the right qualities and building confidence in people about you. Although there is a presence of risk-taking in proving trustworthiness, it’s worth the benefits you stand to gain from it.

What is building trust?

Building trust is a series of activities of developing a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. This enables a stronger bond and makes people work more effectively together.

Tips on how to gain trust and build rapport

Here are tips on how to gain trust and rapport.

1. First impression matters

As humans, we love what we see, what we hear, and how we’re treated. Whether it’s for the first time or repeatedly, the impressions humans get are crucial. And you’ll just have to hope that you’re not judged after the first negative impression people get from you.

Moreover, if there’s something you did later on that is not nice to people, by treating people good in the past, they’ll remember it. First impressions create lasting moments that play a role in building trust and better relationships with people.

While appearance is crucial to making a good first impression, communication, good listening skills, and being on time when meeting up, also play crucial roles. Planning where needed is also key.

2. Keeping to your word

Integrity remains a vital quality for building trust, which can be achieved by keeping to words. Because of the power of words and how they can divide and unite people, it’s important to keep to the initial words

Keeping to your word is an effective way to make people believe you also have theirinterests at heart. Because making a positive statement is one, keeping to it as well is another.

It’s like seeing your words as glue, and your actions and consistency as the bind. To overcome falling into the trap of not keeping to your word, you’ll need to limit it. It’s also important to understand the relationship you share, the areas you fail, and how to improve them.

3. Not backstabbing others

Not only is backstabbing others toxic, but it also affects one’s ability to gain trust from people. Gossips spread like wildfire. And in instances where someone close feels criticized, despite having a close relationship, the trust will be lost.

While the sole purpose of backstabbing is to gain the upper hand and supremacy, it’s not compared to the trust one earns from others.

Backstabbing also hurts reputation, thus killing trust amongst people. One of the most effective ways to keep off from backstabbing is to portray courage and high self-esteem with everyone.

4. Taking it a step at a time

Building trust with people takes some time of being trustworthy. In this case, it’s important to allow it to progress gradually and carefully from the initial stage by taking it a step at a time.

At the initial stage, there is just a merge, followed by denial and doubts. After which, you’ll have to leave the person with a decision to make. Of course, it takes some time, but you can’t blame people, especially those who have been treated badly.

There are dangers attached to trying to rush the process and trust issues are one of them. However, depending on the individual, it may take longer. On this note, start small, listen to yourself as you focus on important steps to take.

5. Accepting mistakes

To gain trust from others also demands some level of respect and being a better person. Accepting mistakes enables respect from people, thereby allowing one to build a better relationship with others.

As much as people would like to work with someone, they also want to see the person acting up to standards.

Being humans that we are, mistakes are bound to happen. However, it would be smart to move on and turn the mistakes into key life lessons. This can be achieved by acknowledging the mistakes and asking the right questions.

6. Mastering effective communication

Effective communications are open and honest, free from negative judgement, and are engaging. All of these doesn’t only strengthen relationship, but it also demonstrates that one has no hidden motive.

Should in case you help one to succeed in one way or the other by listening to the person, it helps you to gain trust from him or her.

Body language, voice tone, and word usage plays a part in every effective communication with people. But this is just a fraction of effective communication.

7. Taking responsibility

Not taking responsibility tends to make it difficult for one to gain trust from others. Sometimes this is a result of what people perceive as one’s personality when he or she doesn’t take responsibility for something.

Other times, it’s a result of what others perceive as one’s values. Moreover, taking responsibility prevents one from putting blame on others, which also keep the person accustomed to accepting mistakes.

The habit of not taking responsibility can be broken by forgiving yourself, finding yourself and knowing your desires, avoiding excuses, and not running from situations that require your attention.


It’s fair to say that without trust amongst humans, there won’t be unity, growth, and work effectiveness. This happens as a result of the lack of bond.

To enable the bond, series of activities of developing a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something has to be present. So starting from somewhere and heading towards the top is better than being stuck somewhere.

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