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8 Toxic Personality Traits To Avoid for Better Wellbeing

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If you don’t know what is harmful, you won’t avoid it. In this article, you will get to know the eight toxic personality traits to avoid.

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It’s a small world we live in with people of different values, beliefs, and personalities. Among these are those who portray toxic personalities. You will meet these kinds of people at one point in time in life.

If you come across someone whose character makes you angry and never seems to energize you in any way, it’s most likely a sign that you’re dealing with a toxic person.

The downside to having such people around is the damage it causes to mental health. And it’s no surprise that we may have such people in our lives.

After all, we have to socialize once in a while and meet new people. However, understand that most people with toxic personality traits suffer stress and trauma. So it’s not always a conscious act.

Either way, until they heal or change from the toxic behavior, you would want to keep a distance. This way, you will be able to protect your mental health.

Toxic personality meaning

A toxic personality is any form of behavior that’s negative and doesn’t make you feel encouraged in any way. Most of the time, it will make you angry and could cause a serious negative effect on wellbeing and mental health.

8 Toxic personality traits to avoid for better wellbeing

Here are eight toxic personality traits to avoid for better wellbeing.

1. The self-absorbed

The self-absorbed trait is more like a one-sided, selfish way of thinking. In this instance, the person portraying such a trait barely thinks of the interest of others.

It’s always the person without trying to consider other people’s concerns. Sometimes it can be to the extent of going to any length to forgo what they owe you, to secure their interests.

If you need support emotionally, financially, or otherwise, they’re the least to be helpful. But it’s something they will like from others. This kind of trait mostly comes from a side of mental disorder.

It may not seem bad to you at the initial stage. But as the relationship unfolds, it becomes possessive and sometimes annoying.

The person at the receiving end gets no sense of emotional intelligence. As a result, it affects the relationship negatively.

2. Playing the victim

You will notice a toxic person portraying this trait by seeing themselves as victims of the negative actions of others. More often than not, you’re not the cause of what they blame you for.

This will not help you in dealing with pressure. And since they enjoy doing it, they won’t see anything bad in it. Because they see themselves as more important, they will refuse to accept that they were the cause of the problem.

The victim mentality makes toxic people turn their aggression on others. They begin to blame others for something they suppose to blame themselves for, or not blame anybody.

3. The emotional predator

If you care about your emotions, the emotional predator trait is one you would want to avoid at all costs. This kind of trait will suck out your energy, instead of the other way round.

You can hardly feel comfortable around a toxic person portraying this trait. Not only do they drain your energy and spoil the chances of feeling happy, but they will also influence you with their negative energy.

Often, you won’t be aware of the negative impact their kind of energy has on you, but you would not like the vibe you get. And because energy is contagious, if you don’t avoid this kind of energy, you will be influenced by it.

When dealing with toxic people portraying such a trait, understand that you can only control yourself. As such, you would want to avoid such a trait.

4. The manipulation trait

Sometimes the manipulation trait can be hard to spot. This is because the toxic person acts like he or she is genuinely doing things with you. This makes it one of the toxic traits hard to spot, but well worth it.

If you suspect any form of control as the person tries to deceive you to get what he or she wants, you would want to take action.

Another sign of the manipulation trait to be watchful of is when you seem to be the only one making efforts to keep the relationship. Likewise, when you’re the only one contributing.

There are many ways you can handle the manipulation trait. But a good start is by ignoring what toxic people say. You should also keep to your words, stand up for what you believe in, and act without their approval.

5. The pessimistic behavior

The most common phrase you would hear from toxic people portraying this trait is, “don’t waste your time”. You will hear this often from them whenever you tell them about an idea you have.

Other times, they’re insecure about themselves and want to make you feel the same way. However, the most negative side to this trait is that you will feel discouraged from chasing your dreams.

The pessimistic trait will steal your joy, energy, and passion for chasing your dreams. It will affect how you perceive reaching your full potential. If you try to avoid this trait from toxic people but it keeps getting at you, try to watch your mindset.

6. The judgemental gurus

A toxic person portraying this trait will always want to make you believe you’re wrong. Of course, we all have rights to opinions as well as opposing opinions.

But when people are always condemning your opinions, it becomes toxic. Because of the judgemental trait a toxic person will portray, your word will not matter to them.

As a result, it affects the interpersonal relationship you have with them. When they depict this trait, they could go as far as making you feel bad for laying out your opinions or making a decision.

It’s always them being right, any other person is wrong. The downside to this is that if you allow it to get to you, it could leave you feeling unmotivated, sad, hopeless, or demoralized.

7. The gossip habit

When gossip deviates from the chit-chat with buddies about stuff and all, to defaming others, it’s far from being healthy. If someone is always gossiping about others to you, there’s a high probability the person is also gossiping about you to others.

You would want to try and limit the kind of personal information you share with toxic people expressing this trait. More often, it’s envy, bitterness, or hatred that leads to toxic people portraying this trait.

Although other times, they just want to make themselves feel good. Still, you will need to be wise when dealing with people depicting this trait. One of the smartest decisions is to avoid them. You should also keep watch to see if they defame you in any way.

8. Abusing words

This toxic trait demonstrates toxic people who don’t use words rightly. Instead of using words to uplift you, they will use them to demoralize you. And when toxic people portray this trait, it seems to them as though it’s normal.

However, there also times when they will intentionally act in such a way to test your reaction. But if they’re not being extreme with such an act, they will halt it.

After an experience with a toxic person who depicts this trait, you may end up feeling hopeless or worthless.

Apart from avoiding this toxic trait, another way to go about it is to not take to heart what they say to you. Doing so will help to keep you feeling confident, energized, and hopeful, even though they persist.

In conclusion

We can’t stop meeting new people in this small world. But, we can decide on those we want close to us. To preserve your mental health and wellbeing, you would want to avoid people with toxic personality traits.

The toxic personality traits could be self-absorbed, playing the victim, emotional predator, or pessimistic behavior. It can also be manipulating others, being judgemental, abusing words, or gossiping.

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