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9 Significances of Having a Personal Motto to Live by

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Having a motto is just as vital as it is. In this article, you will get to know nine significances of having a personal motto to live by.

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As long as being driven in life remains a necessity, having a personal motto to live by cannot be underestimated.

We have seen top designer companies like Nike, Adidas, and others with great slogans. And one can only wonder how great these companies are.

When a good motto is used, it plays a vital role in the growth and overall development of our lives. This is a gradual process of attaining greatness.

Because whether you believe it or not, you’re also a brand. This means that you will have to treat yourself as such in other to achieve greatness.

But what is the importance of having a personal motto and how it contributes to one’s greatness? Is a personal motto worth having? Or is it just one of those unimportant things? Let’s find out.

You can watch a very short video of it here:

Significances of having a personal motto to live by

Here are nine significances of having a personal motto.

1. It acts as a mantra

Supposing you take your meditation seriously, a personal motto serves as a powerful tool for healthy meditation. The perfect meditation requires concentration, free from any sort of distraction.

This is where a personal motto to be repeated during meditation comes in to support concentration.

In addition to that, not only do mantras help in concentrating, strong, positive words indeed help to boost confidence level. Having a well-crafted motto will come in handy with meditation to improve focus.

2. Helps to see good in difficult situations

Although it’s not easy to stay positive in difficult situations, any positive personal motto can go a long way. If your motto is, of course, not a negative one, you will begin to think towards that angle.

Because mottos are positive, motivating, and inspiring phrases, they help a lot once it becomes a part of you. You know the current situation is not your focus because you have a personal motto you believe in, so you see good in difficult situations rather.

So, you know the current situation will not last forever, and after that comes sunshine. You start to believe that everything happens for a reason.

3. It calms tension and anxiety

The moment some people go through any form of uneasiness, they start to feel anxious or tensed. But because of how powerful words are, saying a motto with confidence will help to calm the tension or anxiety.

You start to feel at ease when dealing with something. If you’re the kind of person who feels uneasy when dealing with difficult situations, a personal motto will help to calm your nerves down.

For example, Nike’s slogan, “just do it” serves as a motivation to its customers and athletes. Nike’s customers tap into that slogan and it makes them calm and brings out the best in them.

4. It controls negative thoughts

It’s no doubt that what occupies our mind the most determines what our thoughts would be. As such, when the mind is mostly occupied with a positive motto, it overweighs negative thoughts.

But even if negative thoughts do find their way, the moments the motto is recalled, it replaces those negative thoughts, almost instantly. That’s just to tell you powerful it is to have a personal motto.

Or maybe you’re finding it a little bit difficult to inject more positivity into your life. But if you keep up with your motto, you make room for the positive thoughts and kill the negative thoughts.

5. It helps one to make better decisions

A good motto acts as guidelines and principles on how someone or something should operate. And when this is checked, it will force one towards making better decisions.

Also, it acts as a drive towards doing that which is right to accomplish a goal. As a result, it propels one towards making better decisions to match the personal motto.

The motto will help to ensure that you don’t deviate from the plan, that you aren’t making the wrong decisions. In a real sense, you’re not acting based on what you feel like, but on what propelled you.

6. It makes room for improvements

Sometimes it can be hard to accept the fact that there’s room for improvement. Whether subconsciously or not. However, the reverse will be the case when you have a good motto.

When you have a personal motto, it tells you already know you want the best, and so you came up with a motto that matches your motives.

So, if your motto inspires and motivates you to be your best and achieve your goals but you noticed that you aren’t meeting the target, you know there’s room for improvement.

7. It helps you find yourself

The moment you begin to make personal motto a priority, you start giving yourself the chance to find yourself. At this point, you no longer have a fear of external bodies, and you learn to stand alone.

Similarly, finding a personal motto will force you to set up plans, look into your interest, follow your passion, exploit aggressively, find your life purpose, and surround yourself with positive people.

It’s more likely you will be doing these almost subconsciously, but you can tell you’re on the right path. You can tell you’re exactly guarded just the way you wanted.

8. It gives one direction

Going somewhere in life means that you’re fully aware of your goals, and you have plans on how to achieve them. The moment you come up with personal mottos, it results in giving you the direction to follow.

And because a personal motto acts as a guideline, this means that you will not be headed in the wrong direction, as long as you stay abreast of the motto.

You have a personal motto that you strongly believe in and act on, therefore, you will rather go with every decision that will lead you towards where you’re heading in life.

9. It makes one more compassionate and courageous

When a personal motto resonates with someone, the person will most likely begin to develop a strong awareness of the state of other people. There will be a boost to the emotional intelligence level.

Also, the process of showing awareness to others will end up boosting your courage and confidence. If you were previously having the fear of taking action, you will begin to drop it.

So, it’s safe to say that a personal motto can be your number one motivator and it can you get rid of the fear of doing something, especially something that has to do with your general growth.

In conclusion

From the significance of a personal motto, it’s believed that it is essential to have one, irrespective of where you’re in life. And how great you become also depends on it.

And as a brand that you’re, to get to the height that you want in life, you will need proper guidelines and principles to abide by in other to get there.

The listed points in this article are nine significances of a personal motto. When all these are put together, it becomes what defines how great you become.

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