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Daymotive is a coming up blog site, initiated for the benefit of everyone in search of answers to some common problems and for users alike. It is specifically designed to be free for all, but most people will wonder how Daymotive makes money.

In response to such questions, it became necessary to create this page to answer how Daymotive is funded, and probably, why it matters to you.

Why is Daymotive Free?

Ideally, as a coming up blog site, there really isn’t much budget to fund the tools and other expenses needed. However, all of these things are necessary to manage the site.

Daymotive was established in 2019, basically with a goal: inspire people to become better versions of themselves as well as basic coaching.

In addition, Daymotive was created for people to see the real meaning of life and live happy and better lives.

How is Daymotive funded?

Daymotive simply believes in being honest and transparent with its users. If you ask, it’s simply the only way Daymotive can be able to build a community.

Running a site like Daymotive with a number of users requires significant investment. This includes the server part, management of the site tools to make the running of the site efficient and visible as possible, as well as the part of content creation.

Daymotive ensures it makes the site suitable for its users, providing beneficial content as possible to satisfy its users.

Because of these, it’s safe to say that, Daymotive has to keep the site moving for its users and so, money is required to attain this goal or Daymotive will be lost in the dust. The primary source of funds for Daymotive is listed below.

Referral fees

Daymotive earns some referral fees when you purchase companies’ products and services that are recommended.

Please note, Daymotive only recommends products and services that are of good quality and affordable and is believed to add more value to its users.

All of Daymotive’s products and services are tested and trusted by its companies and Daymotive as well. Daymotive doesn’t accept payment for positive reviews, the opinions are strictly Daymotive’s own.

The method of monetization is known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest brands on the Internet and it offers affiliate programs such as Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Google, eBay, and the rest of them. Most of your favorite sites pay their bills through affiliate marketing.

You know, one common difference is that not everyone is sincere enough to tell its users how they make their money.

Sometimes, you will see banner ads similar to this:

Or sometimes, you may see a special link that is unique to each website that tracks referrals.

When you click on these links, you will be tagged with a kind of cookie used to track the referral. Eventually, if you end up buying the product, then they pay Daymotive (the referral) a referral fee.

Referral fees vary for each product. For most products you purchase at Jumia, Daymotive earns 11% commission. For a book you purchase at Amazon, Daymotive earns $1.

Note: these will not cost you money at all. Daymotive’s deal will rather save you money.

Although Daymotive is not yet an authority site, most vendors and companies alike are likely to offer Daymotive users exclusive discounts.

Let’s say if you were to purchase a book from Amazon, you would normally pay about €4.66 per month. However, if you purchase it by using Daymotive’s referral link, you will get some discounts.

Note: Daymotive doesn’t see your personal details and information. Such as your name, address, email, credit card, and more.

What Daymotive only sees is that an anonymous user made a purchase of a product, the date and time of what they purchased.

How can you help Daymotive?

Daymotive takes quite some investment to operate. Enough to get some costly items.

Daymotive is dedicated to keeping things on the site as good as possible.

That’s the reason Daymotive needs your help. You can see some of those ways to help Daymotive below:

  • Purchase quality Jumia products and Amazon products
  • You could spread the word by sharing Daymotive’s features with your friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc
  • If at all you use a product recommended by Daymotive, please contact Daynotive via the contact Us page and it will be used to help others.
  • If you have the thought of buying a product, then you could please buy it using Daymotive’s referral link.

Why should you help Daymotive?

Usually, there are some so-called “experts” companies selling their products at very high prices mostly, without discounts, but these companies’ recommended by Daymotive offers the best affordable prices in discounts.

There are quite a large number of sites dropping poor reviews and barely helping its users in one way or the other just to earn some referral fee.

Remember, Daymotive believes in honesty and it’s one of people’s best choice company. Daymotive makes sure to treat its users interest as top priority.

All of Daymotive’s content is free and its product recommendations are tested and trusted because Daymotive seeks to help people in the possible ways it could.

If eventually, you’ve found Daymotive to be helpful, then Daymotive hopes that you will make effort to help support it, so Daymotive can continue its work towards its mission.

Thanks a lot for your support.


Founder of Daymotive.

Let us connect:
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