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11 Excuses People Give for Having No Success in Life

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We know how important it is to avoid excuses. In this article, you will get to know eleven excuses people give for having no success in life.

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Life is like a school and your best teacher in life is learning from experience. And it’s even better when you can take it a step further to learn other people’s experiences.

The funny thing, however, is that it’s in human nature to hardly accept that they made mistakes. Then they start looking for blames and making excuses.

But the wise ones will always learn from their mistakes and that of others. In fact, the wise ones are always learning, and this is how they achieve success.

These excuses people give for having no success in life has proven to us that knowledge, smartness, mindset, and dedication play a huge role in achieving success.

We will be looking at what those excuses are. You can also take on it and see if you can do some tweaking here and there for one or two of them.

Excuses people give for having no success in life

Here are eleven excuses people give for having no success in life.

1. Dream job

Some people often think that their dream job is the only thing they need to achieve success.

Probably they feel that with their dream job they will be able to stay motivated, work with passion, and become more productive as a result.

This is one of the reasons why some people end up quitting their job without considering the reasons not to quit the job. They forget that it’s not only about a dream job.

2. Taking advantage of opportunities

“There were no opportunities for me to utilize.” This is one should familiar to you, as you have probably heard it several times.

Well, when it comes to utilizing opportunities, it’s about showing the zeal to utilize any opportunity. It’s also about knowing what needs to be done to grab one by the horn.

It’s important to note that opportunities don’t always come as expected. Sometimes it needs to be created. And if does come, it comes in disguise.

3. No recommendation

Let’s emphasize more on this one! You see, it’s often said that if you want something, you need to go for it.

If we take this into consideration, we will come to understand that recommendations barely come from people.

In fact, even if it does come, the guarantee it will be a recommendation that will bring you success is slim. As opposed to waiting for recommendations, what matters is being knowledgable and opportunistic.

4. I can’t do this

Some people end up being very picky about the kind of thing they will need to do to work on their goals. Most times they refuse to do it because they think it’s too hard. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have confidence and are scared of what others will think.

They are also not willing to take into consideration the limitations of the comfort zone and step out of it.

So they take the fear of doing something hard or the fear of what others will think as an excuse for not achieving success.

5. Success is not for me

One thing that is always a fact is that money is essential in life. Although it may not buy happiness, it can pay the bills, solve some problems, and take care of other essential things.

In other words, it’s something everyone needs to have. Besides, as humans that we are, we all want to be great in one way or the other.

When people say success is not for me they forget that money is attracted to those who know the in and out on how to go about it.

6. Saying “I’m too old”

It is not stated anywhere that success is limited to a certain age. It has also not been stated anywhere that we should give up on our goals when we are aging. Neither should we when we get at a certain age.

Some people think that because they were unable to achieve success at a younger age, they shouldn’t bother about it later in their lives as they age.

Also, they feel that they can’t achieve it again since they weren’t able to achieve it when they were younger. Then they give up on their goals.

7. I’m okay where I am

When people fail to achieve success, they tend to look past the reasons for feeling stuck in life. Later, they begin to cover-up for this by saying that they are okay where they are.

What is certain is that the mindset people have will play a critical role in their ability to achieve success. Maybe it came from the side of being mediocre.

And the fact is that all humans want great things. However, if you don’t build the mindset properly, then we can say for sure that great things will not find its way to us.

8. Success is not easy

Similar to the “I can’t do this”, “success is not easy” is another excuse people give for not being able to achieve success. Being openly minded doesn’t seem to align with them.

When the idea of being successful comes to people’s minds, they are always excited about it but are not excited about the hard work that comes with it.

It’s a fact that success is not easy, but preparing yourself for the hurdles that come with it is part of what will help you in beating the odds.

9. I’m from a poor background

What about all the success stories? For a fact, these success stories have one thing in common: stories of people who made it from rock bottom till they reach full potential.

If people say that success is only a result of coming from a rich background, the meaning of success is what they are yet to understand.

Sure, the rich background can help, but it’s not guaranteed to bring success. It may only ease the process as opposed to coming from a poor background. Besides, we are seeing more successful people who came from poor backgrounds.

10. No experience or capital

Someone may have the thought of starting a business but you may hear the person say, “I have no experience and capital to start my business.”

You may begin to wonder, ” but people can still borrow money to start a business and pay later.” No doubt, it’s a risk, but this is one secret to achieving success. Good planning is all that matters.

Also, people always read books and other stuff to expand their knowledge. In terms of billionaires managing money, “I don’t have experience” or “I don’t have a capital” is not part of what they have a problem with.

11. I failed

Failure is what people often see as the opposite of success, whereas it is part of success. Although mistakes will happen, failures will happen, we can still succumb to growing ourselves.

We can always learn from them and use them as stepping stones that will help us in getting closer to our goals.

A question that is supposed to be asked is whether we persisted. Did we challenge ourselves to stay strong, standing up to the challenge, and keep pushing?

In conclusion

One of the secrets of achieving success is having the will to learn from not just your mistakes – but from the mistakes of others.

It also starts with being accountable instead of looking for blames and making excuses.

You can be one of the wise people who achieve success by learning from these excuses people give for not getting success in life.

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