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How to be a Good Parent Always to Your Children

8 min read
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Good parents

Are you thinking of how to be a good parent? In this article, you will get to know exactly how to do just that and more.

Being a good parent is one of the best things you can be to your children, whether little or grown up.

As a parent, you have to be the best thing to your children and give them solid reasons to appreciate you as one.

But it often turns out that during the process of undergoing parenting for children, it is either done wrongly or children aren’t happy with it.

However, it is important to know that apart from not being a good parent to your children, it also affects their upbringing.

That means if you want them to end up being good leaders, being successful, strong, independent, wise, extraordinary and respected, you need to get that parenting right.

Honestly, guiding them through to achieve these while being a good parent to them is the best way of being a good parent to them.

In respect to that, do you wonder why you aren’t being a good parent to them and can’t see the results you expected?

This is because of the poor standard principles that you set out as you carry out your parenting.

Although, parents are of different types, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be a good parent to your children.

Because some have been there and weren’t able to get through with it, doesn’t mean you can’t beat it.

So, follow this steps on how to be a good parent, and you will be the best thing happening to your children.

Table of Contents

Description of a good parent

First, being a parent as a whole means knowing your role and sticking to it : love, care, upbringing, protection, provision and being a best friend.

In short, you being a parent means responsibilities upon responsibilities. So it means you have to adhere to your role up to par.

And of course, it also means the joy of fatherhood / motherhood, the pride of having kids and being called a father or mother.

What makes a good parent?

Every good parent has great understanding of their children, does what makes them happy and great, accepts them and believes in them.

Good parents always give support to their children, whether through words or actions, and endeavors to teach them the rights and the wrongs.

Patience is also a powerful tool of a good parent. They use it judiciously, and this helps them in keeping up with their roles as parents.

You can become a more patient parent by :

  • getting your questions right
  • Seeing things the right way
  • Giving yourself and things time
  • Requesting assistance
  • Leaning to pick your battles wisely
  • Re-fueling your soul

In addition to that, good parents are supportive parents who always has their children’s goals and interest at heart.

Best of it all, they do this superbly and take part of what goes on in the family and in the life of their children.

Nevertheless, in opposition to who a good parent is, a bad parent on the other hand portrays actions that rather hurts their children’s psychological state.

Good parenting skills

Perfect parenting skills involves you having good knowledge of your children, and giving your children the assurance that you are willing to correct them.

Also, it has to do with strong patience and support from you to put your children through with their mistakes.

You can do your parenting and get it right by keeping their confidence high, knowing when they are right, communicating, making time and being their mentor.

It’s not as difficult as you think, you can take care of it.

Although, like you already know, parenting means BIG responsibility and could be a bit hard tough, but it’s never impossible.

As long as you stay away from the lazy parenting that deals with purposely letting your child fight for love, care, upbringing, protection, provision and being their best friend.

You can make use of these good parenting skills to get you started :

  • Respect them and their feelings
  • Set rules and boundaries
  • Let them approach you easily
  • Show affection
  • Give them attention
  • Let them know you love them

Knownig how to master good parenting is good, because it will help the children grow the right way.

It will help get rid of the effects of bad parenting including : agression, depression, poor behavior, poor resilience and poor upbringing.

How to be a good parent to your children

So we have looked at what it means to be to a good parent, basic parenting skills and why good parenting is important.

Now, let’s look at how you can be a good parent to them :

1. Be deliberate and intentional

It is likely that you will often find yourself cautioning your children in attempt to correct them to do the right things.

But it should be done deliberately and intentional, such that your children will get the real picture.

That means you should be purposeful with any kind of discipline you intend to give them.

As you get deliberate and intentional, this will make it known to your children that you did it for their benefit, not because you felt like doing it.

For example, if your children doesn’t want to agree with a decision you made, it is right to let them know why you made that decision.

Let them know you have good intentions for every decision or discipline you give to them.

Of course, you want the best for them, so it’s important you let them know that by being deliberate and intentional with them.

However, don’t force them into complying with your decisions, even after you think you have explained yourself.

Maybe you haven’t made it clear to them yet, maybe you haven’t brought it down to their level of understanding or just maybe, they aren’t ready to comply.

Whichever the case though, don’t fail to explain your intentions to them vividly.

They are kids, so they will definitely agree with you, as long as you explain your intentions and put it in their own terms.

As long as you have good motives behind your decisions and you explain it to them, then they will reason along with you.

2. Undergo research

The way humans behaved in past decades, centuries and generations will be different from how will be different from how they behave in present times.

This is because humans will always be humans.

Revolution will always take place, so you should expect to see those changes in human behavior.

As a result of that, you should also expect the same from your children.

The way children behaved during the past won’t be the same with how they behave in the present.

You could be doing just fine with your parenting, but the society and even those they mingle with can also effect how they behave.

In respect to that, what were kids doing back then that were good which they no longer do? What is it they do better now than then?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself, find out where they are lacking and where they are doing well.

After you have got this sorted out, support it with proper research. Remember you are doing it for their sake.

As soon as you are through with your research, begin to incorporate what you learnt into your children’s behavior.

For better results, do it as often as you can.

3. Command empathy, honesty, self-reliance, self-control, kindness and cheerfulness

Your children have to know you care to identify and understand their thoughts, feelings and emotional state.

They would want to see you act in respect to what they think or feel. This will avoid a toxic relationship between you and them.

Tell them the truth to everything that they need to know about, and avoid any bias judgment.

Be the person they can trust and rely on, as this will not only make them feel safe, but make you more approachable to them.

Master good self-control and expect them to do such. Be charitable to them and do it in special ways.

Finally, be optimistic and happy with them so that they wil always take note of all these.

Being your children that they are, whether as kids or not, these kind of treatments will make them to feel safe and create a stronger bond.

Which in return, will help in making them listen to you, understanding your intentions and complying with your decisions.

4. Command intellectual curiosity, motivation, mentorship and desire to achieve

Make efforts to ask and expect questions from children time to time, it shows a sense of concern to them.

If they ask for something or you a made a promise to them, try as much as possible to fulfill it.

Children also desire to learn new things, especially from those close to them.

So don’t just be a good parent to them, be a good mentor. They will appreciate this especially when they are grown up.

Because you are an example to your children, it is vital you act in ways that shows you have the desire to achieve in life.

Also, make sure you try to make them have the desire to achieve as well.

Their future should really matter to you, so you also have to act in manners that will enable them to have great future.

What you expect of them in the future should be your own motivation and inspiration to mentor them into Kings and Queens.

Let them enjoy the benefits of a mentor that you are going to be to them.

5. Protect them from developing anxiety, detention, disorders and anti-social

Often times, parents make the mistake of thinking it’s not part of their duties to protect children from anxiety.

It’s also your duty as a parent to protect them from any form of disorder.

Use whatever strategy it is you are going to use to get this taken care of, and learn to adjust it as time goes on.

Learn some helpful ways you can use to protect your children from any form of anti-social behavior.

Some kids who are anti-social was actually as a result of the parents not playing active role to protect them from it.

If there happen to be anything troubling them, be the first to know about it and help them tackle it.

But before anything starts to trouble them, make sure you don’t let it get to them.

That is why consistent communication with your children is important.

There will hardly be anyone who can do these for them, which is why you have to take the responsibility of doing it.

6. Set good set of examples, morals and principles

Of all we you just read above, setting good examples, morals, rules and principles is one of the best things you can do for your children.

This will also give support to the previous steps on how to be a good parent.

Your children will follow the examples you lay not what you tell them, which makes it very important.

However, what you tell them will still be effective, only when they have followed the examples you laid.

They also have to abide by the regulations, rules and guidelines you have set out for them.

Assuming these are valuable morals, rules and principles you have set out, and you can be deliberate and intentional about it, then you know you’re on track.

These regulations and guidelines is one the necessity in building your children’s character.

After you have established good set of morals, examples, rules and principles, you should also remember to set good guidelines.

Believe that your kids can’t help but abide these principles, with or without your presence.

When they become grown-ups, these will serve as guidelines to how they should do the right things without been told.

Wrap up

One of the best things you can be to your children is to be a good parent to them, and letting them appreciate you as one.

A good parent understands, supports, makes children happy and great, accepts and believes in them, and teaches them rightly.

You have to develop those superb parenting skills to get started with it. This will also guide you as you go about on how to be a good parent to your children.

The above steps on how to be a good parent to your children don’t just help with being a good parent, but also, how to help them build great futures.

And this is one of the best way you can be a good parent to them. Combining the two-in-one strategy which commands their love and appreciation, both now and forever.

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