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How to Beat the Odds in Life When They are Against You

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The odds of winning may not always be in your favor, but you can beat it. In this article, you will get to know how to beat the odds in life.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash / Engin akyurt

It is well known that anything is possible in life. Sometimes it’s quite easy, but other times it’s challenging. There are even instances when it seems like it’s impossible.

However, we can’t hide from the truth that the odds are not always in everybody’s favor. At least not in all situations. But one thing that separates those who beat the odds from others is how strong and smart they are.

Irrespective of how the odds are stacked against you in life, you can win. You can turn the probability around and make the odds become even to be in your favor.

The questions you will need to ask yourself are these: are you prepared? Do you believe in yourself? Are you committed? If your answers are yes, then truly, “impossible is nothing.”

Beat the odds meaning

To beat the odds means to succeed/win in something despite not having a promising chance of being successful at it.

It could be that there are lots of problems and challenges that are hindering you from achieving something. All of these will make it difficult for you to succeed/win in that thing.

But your determination to keep pushing together with some strategy and later succeeding, against all odds, clearly states that it’s not impossible.

How to beat the odds in life when they are against you

Below are ways on how to beat the odds in life when they are against you.

1. Follow your heart

First, follow your heart and avoid excuses. This also means avoiding the refusal to do what your heart tells you. Whether it’s because you fear many people are doing it or because nobody is doing it.

What you would want to look at is whether you have a passion for it or if it would make you happy. At the end of the day, you won’t be telling yourself lies, and you won’t have anything to regret.

Because your heart can’t lie to you. Aside from that, it’s a way to draw admirers, and this will help to build your confidence and value.

Not forgetting, this is also a great way to love yourself and those around you. And if you can love yourself, you learn to stop criticizing yourself. Self-criticism is harmful to achieving goals.

2. Do it again

Although it won’t be easy and you most likely fumble, do it again. Talk about some mental toughness, but you still have to do it again. And why do you need mental toughness?

Let’s say it’s a gateway to achieving something by giving you the will power to do it again. That’s how you beat the odds. Repeated attempts? YES. Because there’s a limit to the number of times you can fail in something.

At least by doing it repeatedly, you do it again from experience and from the lessons you learned.

To quote Zig Ziglar, “repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” In other words, learning + repeated action = winning.

3. Figure out your advantages

You don’t always have to approach it shoulder to shoulder, you should also figure out what you can use to your advantage. This will place you in a superior position over the odds to enable you to beat it.

But at the same time, don’t neglect the little that could help you move to a greater height. To reach your goals, you will also need an advantage that you can utilize.

In the best-case scenario, it should be something best known to you and barely known by others. Afterward, you approach it with a calculated, well-timed mindset.

This will guarantee a higher probability of being able to beat the odds. And after you figure out one advantage, look for another one.

4. Position yourself rightly

While you make effort to figure out your advantage, it’s also important that you situate yourself the right way. Ideally, if a certain position will not give you an upper hand, you should change.

Regarding that, it’s important to note that what you engage with plays a key role in beating the odds.

And other ways that contribute to positioning yourself rightly include your follow-up, handling objections, the right attitude, your mindset, words, action, focus, and your presentation.

Apart from helping you to beat the odds, there are also lots of benefits that come from positioning yourself rightly.

5. Structure your perspective

Your point of view matters more than you can imagine. This also calls for being able to stand up for what you believe in. Sometimes what you believe in weighs more than what the majority stand by.

The only thing you need to play on your part is to figure out how to structure your perspective. In most cases, you just need a little bit of some deep thoughts to guide you through.

And if you get it right, it will result in better outcomes. Also, it will improve your influence and give you authority in what you do. So to place yourself in a better position, you need to think deeper and be genuine.

6. Conduct yourself

Embrace good conduct of yourself at all times. And remember that your habit is going to build your character.

For example, instead of engaging in activities that will not give you the advantage to beat the odds, you should engage in healthy routines.

The same way you conduct yourself to get what you need, the same way you need to conduct yourself to beat the odds. The way you conduct yourself needs to complement your goals.

Because if it’s not in alignment with the goals you’re after, it can be easy to go off the track. You should also adopt good norms and self-control. To mention but a few.

7. Question yourself

Along the line or before you plan on achieving a goal, you may go wrong with some of your actions and motives. It’s normal.

But it’s going to be a smart idea to constantly question your motives and actions. If you fail to question yourself, you may not be able to meet your expectations, and as a result, you will become wounded.

Unfortunately, this may lead to self-pity. You may also start criticizing yourself and others or being angry at yourself and others. This will not be healthy in helping you achieve your goals.

This is because good motives and actions produce good results. While there are lots of questions you should ask yourself, you should remember to prioritize the ones you can relate to your goals.

8. Do what the 99% don’t do

Doing what the 99% don’t is a sure way to stand out from the crowd. Of course, it takes courage to do something like this, but that’s what beating the odds means – you need courage.

If you can embrace doing what the 99% don’t do, irrespective of your fears, it will give you an edge and make you great.

You could be doing virtually what everyone is doing, but to beat the odds and upscale yourself, you need the courage to be the 1% that does what the 99% don’t do.

Being mediocre is not going to go well at this point because you would want to be looking at being different. And if it scares you, it’s more reason to do it.

9. Take some time to observe

Once in a while, it would be great if you can take some time to notice some things you could consider significant. Because to be one step ahead of everyone, you need to observe your environment.

If you master it, you will become fond of doing it again. This will result in you storing more information, and performing well at the tests of your knowledge.

Also, if anything tends to be out of place, you will take note of it and fix it without having to find out by others telling you.

And it’s great to say that this will ensure the tendency for perfectionism. But you need to put away distractions, listen carefully, observe moods, seek things unsaid, and do some puzzles.

Wrapping up

As stated earlier, “impossible is nothing.” Just because the odds are not in your favor doesn’t mean you can’t succeed/win in it. Not after you have equipped yourself.

But just know that to beat the odds means being able to succeed/win in something through determination and strategies, irrespective of the problems and challenges hindering you.

The tips in this article are sure to help you stay determined and using the strategies that will help you to beat the odds.

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