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How to Find Out Who You Are and Do It On Purpose

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A smooth life journey is a very pleasing experience. In this article, you will get to know how to find out who you are and do it on purpose.

Photo Credit: Pexels / Faisal Rahman

Life is a journey and it’s up to us to make the best of it and have a smooth ride. No competition. No comparison. Just everyone on their lane, in their journey, and at their own pace.

However, to avoid going in the wrong direction in the journey of life, you need to find out who you are. This will lead to a happy and prosperous life as you journey through.

Because just as it’s important to stick to directions at all times, to get to your destination, so it is to figure out who you are in life and not live someone else’s life.

What makes one person happy and fulfilled is not the same for another person. Thankfully, as we grow in life, we learn to discover this through the help of certain life experiences.

Find out who you are meaning

To find yourself means to discover your true values in life and those things that you like and want to do. When you do this, you will be guided by certain principles to know yourself truly, not what others define you as.

It is a great way to having a pleasant journey in life that you will truly enjoy.

How to find out who you are and do it on purpose

Here are tips on how to find out who you are and do it on purpose.

1. Set up your plans

Picture this as setting up plans for a journey. It’s safe to say that you can’t have a great journey if you don’t take the time to plan for it. The same thing applies here.

On that note, whatever your plans may be in life, it’s important to figure out the steps you’re going to take to achieve it. Remember to also manage your time properly, and keep track of all you have included as part of your plans.

After which, you stay committed to utilizing your plans to achieve your goals. Setting up plans it’s vital, as it will bring your purpose to reality. Also, it will give you a sense of control, decision making, and make you more strategic.

All of which will create a sense of security as well.

2. Look into your interest

Probably there are things you tend to pay great attention to. The reality is that if something doesn’t interest you, it can be very easy to give it the cold shoulder.

So it’s going to be an advantage to you when something interests you compared to when it doesn’t. And if something interests you, then you will find it a lot easier to learn and broaden your knowledge on that thing.

Most times, there are a lot of things you may have an interest in, but because you haven’t taken the time to consider them, you may not know their worth.

Everyone can seek knowledge, but seeking knowledge on something that you don’t have an interest in is the problem. And knowledge – when applied – is power.

3. Look for what you can give

Take some time to figure out what you can give. Remember that you get by giving, and what you sow, you reap. This path to finding out who you are may not be the easiest, but it can be the most effective.

Although not many people can be comfortable with this or figuring out what they can give. Still, the more time and effort you put into doing this, the more you realize how much impact you can make.

Besides, the world will be willing to return the favor. And if the world can return the favor, there’s no limit you can’t reach. The mistake most people make is to think that being selfish in life will be the best choice.

4. Check for your passions

What are those things you can do with determination without feeling like you’re working? If you can pick just one, you will increase your chances of succeeding in life without having to work for a day.

This sort of energy is contagious. And not just for the sake of its positivity, people want such around. So while you’re feeling positive and energized doing what you love, you excite others with your kind of energy.

As a result, it will translate into a more fulfilled life experience in anything you do. Whether it’s in your career, business, or pursuit of life goals. You may not have a passion for everything, but the one you do is worth it.

5. Listen to what they are saying

While you don’t have to worry about what people say about you, you don’t want to neglect the positive things others are saying about you.

If you can keep your ears to the ground at all times, you will improve yourself in various aspects. This includes your social life, personal development, and other practical aspects.

Regarding that, if lots of people are saying that you’re good at something, it means something. Don’t take it for granted. However, it is understandable that people may not always come to tell you or openly talk about it.

In such cases, this is where listening skills and observation plays a role. How well can you decode what they say? How about reading through their thoughts?

6. Surround yourself with positive people

The kind of people you surround yourself with also play a role in your journey in life. Such people can help you discover who you are and reach your full potential.

Because energy is contagious, so if you surround yourself with positivity, that’s what you get. And if you surround yourself with negativity, that’s what you get.

Also, they will inspire and motivate you to be the best you can be. And they can give you some level of influence, which is a good thing in this journey called life.

8. Explore aggressively

Although you may seek something at any given opportunity, you should not limit exploitation to one thing. The broader you expand your expectations, the higher chance you have to find out who you are and on purpose.

As a plus to this, you should also put more effort into examining whatever you explore. This will give you a hint at potential opportunities, especially the ones that are the best fit for you.

In addition to that, talk to as many people as you can, go wherever you can relate to and anywhere, read seriously, keep a record of any finding, and have fun doing so.

Aside from helping you find out who you are, exploitation will also improve your self-esteem and confidence, make you versatile and improve your mental health.

8. Figure out how you can help

Solving problems is one of the best ways to help others and the world at large. If you can come from a unique angle and figure out how you can solve some problems, you’re on track.

Look into how you can help humanity by tapping into your emotional intelligence and investing in the right energy.

A lot of fulfillment comes from being able to help in any way you can, especially when it comes to the world. Among all the benefits you enjoy from helping, it will create a sense of purpose.

It will also create a sense of belonging, boost your self-esteem, and help you live longer. Understand that it’s not always how others can help, but how you too can help others.

9. Align yourself with your goals

Everyone has different goals in life, and everyone has different goals for different reasons. At first, it may not be clear as to why you have a particular goal or how you find out who you are on purpose.

But if you give yourself the chance to align with your goals, you will discover how far you can go. It’s important to know that the way you act on your goals plays a role in aligning with them.

Because if you don’t, you may find it difficult to find out who you are. But it mustn’t be a process to rush, you just have to take your time and play along.

Key takeaways

To find out who you are doing it on purpose means to have a smooth journey in life. Because you will enjoy a pleasant life experience.

And to go about it, you need to first set up your plans. Look into your interest and passions, and decide what you can give and how you can help.

Also, surround yourself with positive people, and listen to what others are saying. Align yourself with your goals, and remember to explore aggressively.

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