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How to Improve Interpersonal Relationship Skills With People

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Having a stronger relationship can’t be neglected. In this article, you will get to know how to improve interpersonal relationship skills.

Photo Credit: Pexels / Fauxels

You may hear someone say, “I wish I have a strong interpersonal relationship with my colleague.” don’t doubt the person when you hear this, believe it.

Yes, it’s true. It happens. But you see, the person never meant it to be that way. It could just be that he or she don’t know how to get the ball rolling.

It is not likely people will tell you that they don’t want to have anything to do with you for no cost.

But the opposite is something that you should very much expect from people when you give them reasons to do so.

Everyone can improve their interpersonal relationship skills with others, supposing the right moves are there.

What are those moves to build this sort of relationship? Are they difficult to pull? They are very easy to play with, and if done rightly, you’re already there.

How to improve interpersonal relationship skills with people

Here are tips on how to improve interpersonal relationship skills with people.

1. Be open

Before people can think of having some sort of interpersonal relationship with you, they expect you to be open to some extent.

This helps to give them some level of trust and reliance on you, and they know they can learn one or two things from you as well.

As you stay open with people, it will also help to build your character, and you already know that people like a good character.

Try as much as possible to pass hints to people that you have nothing to hide.

Not only will this make them trust you, but it will also push them to show willingness in assisting you.

Make it easier for them to understand better as a friend, colleague, mate, or so. Most people don’t like dealing with those they find it difficult to understand.

Although a little bit of mystery should do, cutting it off a little with those you want to have a stronger interpersonal relationship with is ideal.

2. Have good empathy

Your ability to understand or identify the state of others is crucial in building strong interpersonal relationship skills with people.

A stronger relationship is hardly built with people that don’t seem to understand how another person feels about something.

A good place to start is being able to know “when” and “how” to use those kind words such as sorry, please, and thank you.

They weigh ground and means a lot. Sure, it may seem like just an ordinary singular word, but it determines your relationship with others.

When you have good empathy, you know how to relate to all kinds of people and know those things to avoid when dealing with anyone.

It can even aid in helping people out at will, which in return, will make them like you, trust you and build a strong interpersonal relationship.

3. Be a good listener

How well you listen to people don’t just create a sense of importance to people, it also sends a message to them that you will listen, supposing they need your help.

When people talk to you and you listen, it shows you value their presence and it gives them a boost in self-esteem.

This is very important when they talk to you concerning a problem they have, and they are hoping to resolve it.

You don’t want to give them the impression that you don’t care about what it is they have to say.

In any conversation, you should pay attention to them and show some respect for that person’s presence, not being somewhat distracted.

As you listen, you should also look to pay close attention to details, and listen to actually understand not just to reply.

4. Be respectful

The good thing about being respectful in relationship with other people is that they will most likely return the same.

As they return this to you, it will help to further enhance their relationship even better and free from dramas.

However, respect goes beyond age, gender, or race because it is something that everyone deserves equally, irrespective of the situation on board.

Respecting others won’t devalue you in any way, rather it makes people see a great value in you.

This respect also has to do with you respecting people’s opinions, worries, decisions, privacy, honesty, and more of them.

To start, begin by taking your respect seriously, then endeavor to get it right respecting others, because some people won’t let you get comfortable disrespecting them.

5. Be available

There are strong reasons for people being part of our life, and it relates to them being there for us when we need help or just having a good time.

That being said, if people can’t find you being available for them when they need you, your interpersonal relationship skills with them will not be strong enough.

Just as you expect those you have some sort of personal relationship with to be available for you, that is how others expect it.

That is the reason why you should also make efforts to be there for people.

It is important to know that your availability to others when they need you means a lot to them.

6. Appreciate others

If you also make efforts to appreciate people in any way possible, then they will be encouraged to do more for you next time you need their help.

The desire for them to do more for you next time is crucial in strengthening your interpersonal relationship with them.

Master those words of appreciation and learn to use them whenever you get help from people.

It is wrong to think people don’t regard your appreciation. They won’t beg for it, but it will let them know you value their efforts.

The word “thank you” is one of those words, and it is powerful than you think.

Most people who are kind enough to help others mostly go out of their way to do what they do.

While they do that, you won’t know what they had to forfeit to help you, unless they tell you.

So, to keep that interpersonal relationship skills skyrocketed, appreciating them will go a long way.

7. Be Accommodating

There’s no point in seeking attention from people only to end up not accommodating them when they need it.

Remember that people will sometimes seek some sort of accommodation from you.

So, whether they are coming to you for help or coming to you for company, go ahead, welcome them, and make them feel comfortable.

A good accommodating personality is another form of charitable deed that some people have failed to understand.

If you have got space that can be able to accommodate someone, give it. If you have got space that can make people feel relaxed in your position, let them get the chance to feel so.

Everything you will be doing to accommodate others will strengthen your interpersonal relationship with them.

8. Be cheerful and helpful

Smile at people. Sometimes, you can even get a little crazy with them, but whatever you do, try to be fun.

Also, don’t let people know you are the overly serious type, but make sure to let them know you mean business when the time calls for it.

Stay happy and optimistic in such a way that will be easily noticeable by others.

People are always drawn to happy and cheerful people, and you can be sure it will boost your interpersonal relationship with them.

You don’t want to appear unapproachable. So be cheerful and seek to help others when you can.

Even though you look serious or unapproachable when you don’t smile, don’t worry, just make sure you surprise people when they make effort to approach you.

Be bright, be pleasant and of course, endeavor to show the nice side of yourself by being the helpful type.

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