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How to Retain the Gratitude Attitude Amid Difficult Times

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In this article, you will get to know how to retain the gratitude attitude during and after difficult times. Show the love and appreciation.

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Challenging times are completely different from when things are great and going fine. Nonetheless, we have to keep showing gratitude, irrespective of the situation.

Although one may wonder what is there to be grateful for, we are alive and enjoying some privileges. Retaining the gratitude attitude during and after difficulties may not be the easiest of all, but it’s not impossible.

Of course, stressful events can make us more sensitive to negative behaviors, and one of them could be hampering the gratitude attitude.

But if you can maintain a gratitude attitude during tough times, you will be able to deal with negative behaviors and give people more comfort.

Gratitude attitude meaning

The gratitude attitude is a way of addiction in showing appreciation for everything and being thankful, in not just the big things, but also the little things in your life.

When you get used to it, then it becomes something that you do regularly, irrespective of what the situation may be.

How to retain the gratitude attitude during and after difficult times

Here are tips on how to retain the gratitude attitude during and after hard times.

1. Choose kindness over judgment

Difficult times don’t always have to be negative. And it doesn’t always have to break us because it also makes us grow in one way or the other.

Research has shown that difficult times make us experience positive psychological growth. It can also improve our empathy, sense of purpose, appreciation for life, and the desire to act.

By showing kindness instead of judgment, you give room for more positive energy. Aside from that, you improve your emotional intelligence, self-esteem, compassion, and mood.

And for the stress levels, your cortisol and blood level reduces. Also, to prevent people from not talking about what they are going through and not asking for help, you will need to be kind rather than judging.

Such an act will remind you of the fact that we are all humans and can all go through similar situations.

2. Remember to count them

Although challenging times will come, we still have reasons to show gratitude. You can take a little time to find those things, some of which include the roof over your head, the water you drink, the food you eat, the friends you have, etc.

When you count the little things in your life, you automatically stop yourself from being too unhappy about the negative and bad things. In regards to that, difficult times call for a period of better sleep, which counting the little things will guarantee.

You will tend to make better friends by saying “thank you” for a favor they did. Also, it’s a great way to relieve aggression level, since you feel joyful. It’s not only the negative things we get in tough situations.

3. Let your thoughts become actions

One way to get this right is and putting the thoughts into action is to have full control over your thoughts.

If you do, nothing can stop you from taking action. The great thing about the gratitude attitude is that it can fill our thoughts with positive things we had loved to do.

Nevertheless, for one reason or the other, we may fall short in doing those things. It’s not because we don’t want to do them, but because, most times, we think it’s not the right time.

Unknowingly, one of the best times to put our thoughts into action is during difficult times. For example, we may not be aware of the benefits of giving, but it may seem unnecessary during hard times.

4. Adopt the habit of journaling

In regards to letting your thoughts become action, they need to be organized. This is what journaling is capable of doing. With lots going on, it can be easy to forget the little things that happen every day.

The truth is, something positive happens every day. Some we just experience them and it goes stale. Others we recall the minutes, hours, or even days it happened and it goes stale again.

And what this means in most cases is that we sometimes may forget that such ever happened. However, apart from journaling helping to organize the thought, it also puts you on the path to achieving your goals.

It also helps you to self-reflect on the most important things. These and more are sure to get you feeling positive and retaining the gratitude attitude.

5. Keep in touch with loved ones

Remember that distance is not a barrier. It’s always good to know that you’re not just alive, but you’re also enjoying the privilege of having loved ones in your life.

Moreover, in terms of keeping in touch with the family, it can keep you more healthy. Needless to say, we all want to be healthy, and it’s not something that is not valued at certain ages.

And in terms of keeping in touch with friends, studies show that it can greatly help to control negative situations. Also, it can help to scale up your level of self-worth.

But, this is not specific to a particular group because children are even best friends. If the feeling of love and care you share is genuine, then it’s all you need.

6. Tune in to things you love

We don’t do things only because we want to do them, but also because we feel something about them. Similarly, we don’t just love something, but also because we feel something for it.

Doing things you love will create a feeling of motivation, and increase your level of creativity and productivity. They may seem little, but you would want to be looking at how they make you feel.

Do they make you laugh and feel happy? If they do, try to do them often. Not only is this a way to feel positive, but it’s also a good way to improve health as well.

So we can say that your level of gratitude attitude also depends on how much you tune in to the things you love to do. Detach from negativity and embrace positivity as you do the things you love.

7. Appreciate the efforts of others

Gratitude is supposed to make us nicer and more appreciative. But we can sometimes overlook the things people do for us. On the other hand, if we show appreciation, we show commitment to these people.

As a result, we have a better, lasting relationship with them. While there are several ways to show appreciation to people, returning the favor of others always holds value.

Other great ways are by expressing how the efforts of others mean to you, making a call, or sending a note. Also, it’s great if you can send a greeting card to show how grateful you are for the person’s efforts.

But note: the intention behind doing any of these is what matters. Because if the intention is not genuine, what you do will not matter much.

In conclusion

Even though it’s a fact that difficult times can make us more sensitive to negative behaviors, the goal should be retaining the gratitude attitude.

This gratitude attitude is a way of addiction in showing appreciation in everything and being thankful for everything in your life.

To keep to this, dig into the steps you need to take to retain it in any situation you find yourself.

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