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How to Stop Procrastinating Right Now and Forever

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Action brings results, not procrastination. In this article, you will get to know how to stop procrastinating right now, tomorrow, and ever.

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There is an important task you are aware of and you know that it’s so vital to do. But for one reason or another, you keep procrastinating. Sometimes you say later, but later never seem to come anytime soon.

But, you realize that it’s better earlier than later. Because not procrastinating will bring you a wider range of opportunities and make you productive, and we know opportunities come and go.

So this means action with immediate effect. Yet something keeps making you procrastinate. However, whatever your reason for procrastinating, the good news is that you can get rid of it.

How to stop procrastinating right now and forever

Here are tips on how to stop procrastinating right now and forever.

1. Forgive yourself for the previous ones

The odds are you have procrastinated in the past, and it’s okay. We have all been there at some point. But to develop the willingness to stop procrastinating, you need to forgive yourself first.

Next, you need to admit you messed up, make apologies, heal from it, learn from it, protect your mental and physical health, and promise yourself it won’t happen again.

Forgiving yourself will conquer the feeling of failure in the past and stop future procrastination.

2. Stay committed to the task

While the task may not seem easy, you need to hold yourself accountable for it. If you strive to commit to the task but eventually find it challenging, build your mental strength and start from there.

The goal is to build a powerful mindset around the task, irrespective of how challenging it may be.

Also, develop the hunger to start and complete it and embrace the small wins you get along. You had wanted to refuse to give up on the task until you come to the end of it.

3. Learn to reward yourself

So you completed a task or have come a long way in your task? Reward yourself for that. A job well done is a job well rewarded. Rewarding yourself is a great way to motivate yourself to do more and bigger tasks in the future.

But how do you reward yourself? Well, there’s much to do on this. But a good place to start would be buying yourself something nice, game night or movie night, shopping, the outdoors, etc.

What matters the most is that you can keep good memories of how you rewarded yourself.

4. Motivate yourself

Whether you are planning on starting a task or you are in the middle of a task, motivation is essential. This will enable you to utilize your plans effectively and keep going instead of relenting.

To add to this, motivating yourself will help you feel good about yourself and what you do. It will also help you get over criticism, face challenges and negative people, put in enthusiasm, and take full charge of yourself.

While these are the basics of why you need to motivate yourself on your tasks to stop procrastinating right now, understand that there are also reasons people lose motivation in life.

5. Utilize peer pressure

Anything that has a disadvantage also has an advantage. Although peer pressure can be a reason for procrastinating, it can also be a reason for overcoming procrastination.

This is one reason why it’s great to have positive people around you. It’s always a good idea to have your buddies checking up on you and putting you to correction when you start procrastinating.

When you utilize peer pressure in life, it can be an effective way to consider your “why”, which brings us to the next point…

6. Consider your “why”

For every task you have in mind to start or have started, there’s a “why” to it. Why is it vital to start this task? Why was is it so vital I started this task? Being honest when answering these questions will help to transform your mindset.

Aside from that, it’s also important to consider why it’s necessary to start or complete a task. The bottom line is that you will get something great out of it.

And this is where you will get the determination to start a task or keep going on the task you started. It’s also a way you can use to motivate yourself.

7. Check your inner dialogue

Your inner dialogue is your inner thought. It’s the inner voice in your head that suggests specific things, or what you think subconsciously or consciously.

If your inner dialogue doesn’t align with what the right goals are, then it’s not acceptable. If you sense a negative inner voice, don’t hesitate to ask questions where it fits in.

As a side note, try to turn the negative inner voice to its opposite and accept it as it comes. However, if all fails, distract yourself from the negative inner voices.

8. Avoid the fear of professionalism

Often, the anxiety of dealing with something that requires some level of professionalism may get in the way and results in you procrastinating.

Sometimes you may procrastinate – not because you don’t want to do the task – but because you fear you aren’t fit for the standards of what you’re dealing with or about to deal with.

While certain opportunities call for some level of professionalism, it’s best to start with the basic skills. They are the skills vital for any field or task and are easy to get along with. They will also put you at optimal performance.

9. Cut off from distractions

Distractions come in various ways, but most times, your environment can be a factor of procrastination. For example, the companies you surround yourself with, the activities you prioritize, and habits that hinder progress.

Social media is one major culprit that will hamper your ability to focus on anything you do, which you would want to do away with when dealing with a task.

While it’s great to stay connected with friends, loved ones, and colleagues, you would want to limit your time on social media. This also relates to the amount of time you spend replying to emails.

10. Set goals and a time frame

To stop procrastinating right now, it’s important to decide on when you plan to start a task and complete it. You would also want to be honest with yourself on it.

You don’t want to set goals and a time frame to justify yourself but to discipline yourself to keep to It. However, adopting a time frame is the first step you must keep in mind before you back it up with strong discipline.

As you work on your goals, it’s also important to set a time limit for each minor task you’re working on. Remember to also keep your schedule flexible to match the time frame you set.

11. Avoid “the right time” syndrome

This is tied to what we often think is “the perfect time.” The only perfect time is now. Sure, there may be certain things that make you think a time might not be right, but surprisingly, “the perfect time” will not come.

You just need to work on yourself and grow to be able to create the right time for yourself. Always persist. Remember that change is constant, so be flexible and stay prepared at all times.

12. Know when you need help

It’s not going to be a surprise if you procrastinate on a massive task you are finding too difficult to tackle. Studies have shown that overload can cause depression and anxiety, burnout and stress, and poor physical health.

If in any way, you encounter any of these dangers, you will automatically lose the will to carry on with it.

At first, you may think you could go on with the task without help, but without the right mental and physical energy, you will lose the will to carry on with it.

A helping hand, on the other hand, will not only help to cut the workload but will also help to boost your energy level.

13. Break up huge tasks

Some tasks are more daunting than others, and the more daunting a task is, the more prone you become to procrastination.

To avoid this, you will need to break up the heavy tasks by completing tasks earlier enough to have more time at hand before the final check-up. It’s also important that you check the steps and parts of the task you’re dealing with.

After which, you think about the ones you need to tackle first, then set a deadline for each. While you do so, endeavor to stay on track as well with good planning.

In conclusion

Although there are many reasons people procrastinate, procrastination won’t bring results from the opportunities actions create.

You first need to understand that you’re dealing with time and opportunity anytime you procrastinate. This will super-charge you to take action rather than procrastinating.

Once you have the mindset of taking action, then you can apply the right strategy as stated in this article to overcome procrastination.

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