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12 Positive Things About Aging No One Tells You

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There are positive things about aging people hardly say. In this article, you will get to know twelve positive things about aging you hardly hear every day.

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Photo Credit: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

It’s a fact that embracing aging also helps one to live longer, but one may wonder why most don’t.

To some people, they don’t think anything positive comes out of aging. If only they had been told the amazing things about it.

People, especially the elderly ones, need to start learning that the best part of their lives also includes when they’re aging.

If you match that up with the positive and amazing things about aging, you will come to realize that aging is not something to fear but to embrace.

Aging is a gift of life, so there is absolutely no way there aren’t positive things to get out of it.

You age every day and people celebrate your days and achievements on earth but isn’t it surprising, those same people can’t tell you some positive things about aging?

But today, I am here to give you all those positive things you need to know about aging.

Table of Contents

Characteristics of aging

Of course, aging undergoes some processes.

The aging process, however, is the accumulation of changes in a human being over time, encompassing physical, psychological, and social changes.

Some of the normal changes about aging you will notice are pigments increase and fatty substances inside the cell.

In the process, many cells lose their ability to function, or they begin to function abnormally.

Part of the normal changes about aging you will notice are thinness in the skin that becomes elastic and more fragile with fatty tissue below the skin decreasing.

Also, wrinkles, age spots, and small growths thin tags are part of the normal changes about aging.

However, one can stop aging quickly by protecting the skin from the sun, quitting smoking, controlling facial expression, eating healthy, drinking less alcohol, and exercising.

The population is actually aging, this is because as humans, we just can’t stop aging, and it shows why some live up to 100+ years.

Types of aging

While some people may be wondering what ages to be considered as old, it’s also important to note that aging comes in various ways.

The various ways in which people age includes the following:

  • Intrinsic aging – this is due to the simple act of living and hereditary predisposition.
  • Extrinsic aging – the extrinsic is due to lifestyle and environmental factors.
  • Mechanical aging – this refers to the act of the human skin appearing as a layered composite with stiff thin.

The types of aging explain how people are considered old, irrespective of the type of aging they undergo.

For example, a study distinguishes the aging into these categories:

  • Young old – 1st study (60 – 69) 2nd study (65 – 74) 3rd study (65 – 74)
  • Middle old – 1st study (70 – 79) 2nd study (75 – 84) 3rd study (74 – 84)
  • Very old – 1st study (80+) 2nd study (85+) 3rd study (85+)

So, from the study, It’s known that 60 years and above is considered as old, but differs in the degree of aging, and that’s where the factors of age types come in.

You may look older depending on the type of aging you undergo.

An aging population, on the other hand, maybe a problem because of the fact that there will be few working people in the economy.

General study

Sometimes, people often ask and wonder what the right word is if it’s ‘aging’ or ‘ageing’

While both are right, the only difference is that the British tend to use ‘ageing’, while Americans use ‘aging’.

Another concern is whether an 80 years old man can be sexually active.

No doubt, 65 – 80 can still be sexually active, and even better satisfied. I had said it depends on how to fit they keep themselves up till that age.

So, aside from regular exercise to keep fit and slow down the aging process, what other measures can be taken?

Other ways you can use to slow down aging to look younger and healthier in old age includes consumption of the following:

  • Watercress
  • Red pepper
  • Papaya
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Avocado

The odds of living to 70 are 81% as usual in normal circumstances, but the percentage should increase with a healthy lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the end of youth is considered 35, so even 80 years old should expect additional years close to the total of youth age from living healthy.

Furthermore, for those feeling hurt in everything they do as they get older, it’s due to the stiffness and leathery in the ligaments and tendons that hold joints.

But note, the age you start feeling old differs from one person to another, but generally, it should be when you’re actually old.

Positive things about aging

Having known the facts to take note of about aging, let’s see the positive things about aging.

1. You become more confident

As you age, you realize you have gone through life and you have seen it all. You came, you saw, and you conquered.

All those life challenges many people weren’t able to overcome along the journey, you stood all of them, and now you’re here.

Because you are able to overcome those challenges many people weren’t able to overcome, it serves as a boost to your overall confidence.

Those days you fought your life battles and came out victorious to get this far just makes you realize you’re a champion.

Also, you become more confident because of the knowledge you acquired and the lessons you learned from life experiences.

2. Your future kids will be your best friends

You can’t play those hide and seek again with others at your age. Friends or not.

However, your future will kids will be some sort of replacement. They will be close to you than your friends you have ever been close to you.

Sometimes, you can have the best times with them. They will see you as their mentor and come to you for those wonderful stories of yours.

Of course, you have lots of stories to tell them, so won’t you love to tell them?

They would also help in assisting you with certain things better than others can.

3. You become wiser

What do you think all the life experiences you went through will mean to you at a later age? Of course, great wisdom.

You have made mistakes in the past that you have learned from, and you have used them to gain extra wisdom for yourself.

Nobody now comes to you for advice or opinions and you won’t be able to provide value to assist the person.

Even if it’s a part of life you weren’t inclined with, due to the knowledge and experiences you have, you will be able to provide something worthwhile.

This is why you can give the best of advice anytime during your later age. People will be acknowledging it, but they won’t know how it came about.

4. You don’t always have to be right

Because you have gained experience and learned a lot from the mistakes you made, you now believe that you learn some of the best lessons through mistakes.

We have to be wrong sometimes to ensure that we learn in life.

At your later age, you don’t want to see any reason to believe you always have to be right because you have become more understanding.

Being Open minded becomes a part of you, and you won’t hesitate to ask questions on certain things you don’t understand.

You already understand the key elements of learning and being a versatile person. You seek corrections on certain things, and you accept corrections in good faith.

5. You learn not to judge

Judging others will no longer be your thing, as you have come a long way to be able to understand life on a deeper level.

Everyone is different and has various reasons for whatever they do, and you now understand this in a way that you see no reason to judge.

Due to the level of maturity, you have reached, coupled with the lessons you have learned, you now have a rethink before you decide to judge anyone.

At this point, the more you practice it, the more you become a master at it, such that you even find deep meanings to certain things.

6. You begin to make better decisions

Why shouldn’t this be possible when you’re now filled with lots of experience, knowledge, ideas, and wisdom?

Do you remember those days when you made some mistakes that made you feel like you should just dig the ground and bury yourself?

Well, now those mistakes have turned you into a more careful thinker.

From the lessons you have learned, you can now even predict what the outcome of something could turn out to be.

With that, it helps you in shaping your thoughts into going with better decisions.

7. You become more experienced

Unless you didn’t spend your life on earth, but if you did spend it on earth, then you won’t be short of experience.

As a result of this, you become a better adviser and mentor to anyone who comes close to you.

You have experience in virtually everything about your life, from your childhood to teenage age, to youth age and adulthood.

You have combined everything you learned from those stages of life into a larger degree of experience that reflects on everyone around you.

The more reason they will always seek your advice.

8. You know life shouldn’t be taken seriously

Every day that goes by never comes back. In that case, taking life seriously won’t get you to relax and enjoy a good time as your time passes.

This reality is something you get to know even more as you age, and at the simplest thought, you can figure them out.

You have known the benefits of living a happy life. You now understand better than before that life is too short for anyone to take it seriously.

At a later age, it’s more likely you will laugh often at things than you did at a younger age.

9. You know that wrinkles should be worn with pride

Wrinkles are the pride of aging, and they’re the signs of active earlier life that you should be proud of.

Nobody could have those wrinkles if he or she can’t testify the long journey so far.

In other words, it’s something to be proud of having since it signifies something that shows you came to life, you saw and you conquered.

This is something that your younger self could have seen as not-so-good to have, but your level of experience from life has taught you to see things positively.

10. You treat parents with respect

You may not have been treating your parents with respect at a younger age, but not when you’re aging.

However, you don’t just respect your parents alone, but also elderly ones. It automatically becomes a part of you.

This is because as someone who is elderly and now knows how the test of life can be challenging, therefore, you know respecting those who have seen it is worth it.

You believe that people should give respect to those who have seen it all through life challenges.

Also, you have now learned to let bad habits go, so you no longer have reasons to be disrespectful to your parents and elderly ones.

11. You learn not to criticize all the time

Another positive thing about aging is that you will learn not to criticize.

Besides, unless you have not tried new things yourself and understand that sometimes, some things are not as easy as you think, then you won’t bother to criticize others.

Also, you no longer try to criticize because that phrase, “nobody is above mistake.” has become very understandable to you.

You know that you also made some mistakes, and there are things you wish you did but you couldn’t.

Therefore there’s no reason to criticize someone who is making efforts to do them.

Rather, you encourage and offer support to people to do better where possible.

12. You become thankful for growing old

Yes, it’s something to be grateful for because not all have the privilege to gain all the accomplishments and get to your stage of life.

This is also something you didn’t really consider when you were much younger, but not when you are elderly.

In fact, no day of your life now goes by without you being thankful for the day, as well the air you breathe.

There are going to be scenarios where you have the desire to reminisce as a result of how thankful you’re for growing old.

This will also reflect on how you interact with people around you every day of your life.

Wrap up

The positive things about aging are enough to inspire and calm the nerves of those who are scared of growing old.

Although, aging undergoes changes in the skin, cell, pigments, wrinkles, and age spots, but can be controlled with the right measures.

The types of aging also determine how one tends to age. However, in general, 60 years old and above are those you can consider as old.

But with the right measures and supplements, you can help to slow down aging.

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