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How to Stop Someone From Suicide Attempt

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Sometimes, people apply the wrong strategies. It happens. In this article, you will get to know the right strategies to help stop someone from suicide.

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Photo Credit: Pexels / Pixabay

Many people always wish they were able to help, but that would be a thing of the past and save lives if people can apply the right techniques to help stop suicide.

People who attempt to commit suicide could be going through difficult times, but what measures have you taken to stabilize things? This topic/article seems not to relate exactly to my niche sort of, but I did some serious digging due to the concerns.

It’s hurting to see people attempt suicide, and it’s sad it has been looming around. It’s kind of disturbing, actually. So, I decided to dig up these techniques to use in saving the lives of people that are threatened by suicide thoughts.

Often times, we hear and witness people committing suicide and people feel like nothing can be done, but it’s not true. It hurts how these people have been going through some level of depression and there wasn’t anyone to reach out to them.

Well, maybe people do, but they didn’t use the proper techniques. That’s the reason for writing this article. These people go through certain challenges.

When try to assist with the wrong strategies, actions, and techniques, it leaves them with endless questions later on. Their next questions after it happens will be, “what really happened?” What really is the matter? I thought I was doing what I could to help?”

They didn’t. So, in order to help, these techniques will assist in handling it. They just need to be applied tactically. I have gathered key techniques you can use to help stop people when they attempt to commit suicide.

How to stop someone from a suicide attempt

Know the right techniques and actions to apply when the time calls for any. Pay close attention and take note of instances where external assistance is needed.

Here are the techniques you should use to stop a suicide attempt.

1. Use the protective factors

You have heard people committing suicide with different objects. These may be harmful objects and substances that are dangerous and toxic enough to take someone’s life.

Even though you know about this, what you probably haven’t known yet is that most times, such substances or objects are usually located within them.

It virtually remains there for quite some time until they have searched for answers, looked for hope, and can’t seem to figure things out. The moment they give up searching, that’s when their mind goes to those objects or substances.

That’s when they reach out to the closest harmful object or substance. However, what you should do is to ensure you protect them from doing such acts is to apply the protective factor.

You can do that by finding and eliminating any harmful object or substance that may be found around them. Make sure such things won’t be located anywhere close to them.

While you do this, it’s also important you don’t make it obvious to them. Just keep it all to yourself and keep up the good work. Let them wonder, rather.

2. Control the intoxications

Most times, before any suicide act, the person will most likely intoxicate himself or herself with one substance or the other. Often, they didn’t take these substances because they wanted to take their life.

The reason is because of the depression they’re facing. They felt they had to intoxicate themselves, probably to make the pain fade away. The endpoint is that when they intoxicate themselves, things become uncontrollable for them.

They no longer have full control over their thoughts and actions, rather the reverse becomes the case. That’s to say, the intoxications now control their actions and thoughts such that they no longer think straight.

Even, the worst part of it all is that it could begin to trigger feelings of sense of hopelessness. Also, having controlling their thoughts, it’s most likely they will act in a manner that can take their life.

In such cases, control how they go about with intoxicating substances. To make this technique more efficient, be ready to be very watchful of them. Keep a close watch on them at all times so that they don’t take these substances when you aren’t aware.

3. Control the thoughts

Pay close attention to those who attempt to commit suicide. Most times, they won’t come out and tell you that they want to harm themselves or that they want to take their life. They will rather pass subtle hints of their intentions, through their conversations with you before they attempt anything.

For example, imagine when someone tells you, “I can’t understand what’s going on. I feel like I am hopeless and like life isn’t worth it.” Such words should not be overlooked.

These are negative thoughts, and this came from something that’s troubling them. The best you could do when you hear such words is to control their thought and make them have a sense of hope.

As you can see, figuring it out is one thing, so the next step should be very smart. This way, you will be able to figure out the thoughts to take note of and come up with ideas on how to change them.

It’s not just figuring it out, shifting their thoughts away from those negativities is another thing. If you know how to control their thoughts, they will feel less vulnerable to attempt suicide.

It can be understandable if you weren’t able to figure it out (though you should make sure you can), but figuring it out and not making efforts to control the thoughts won’t help the problem.

4. Reach out to depressed ones

The earlier you reach out to depressed ones, the better. Similar to controlling their thoughts, but in this case, it’s quite different. Reach out to them after you have figured out that they’re depressed.

Also, assuming you already know what caused their depression, don’t wait till they come to you before you take action. Most times, their state of mind leaves them dying in their thoughts such that they barely open up to anyone about it.

By just reaching out alone to depressed ones, it gives them feelings of love and care. Also, when you control their thoughts, that’s when they begin to have a sense of hope and shifting their thoughts away from the negative to the positive.

So, what’s the logic?

When they get a sense of love and care, the fear of leaving and hurting someone that cares about them creeps into their minds. It also aids in the efforts you have put in to control their thoughts.

5. Reduce the stressors

These stressors are direct or indirect pressures or worries caused by the problems in the life of people trying to attempt suicide. Take note that things can easily go wrong for these people when you don’t help to reduce the stressors.

To accomplish this, you need to ask vital questions and figure out those things you think could be the stressors they’re facing. However, If you’re having a hard time figuring out the actual stressors, get a second hand in place, preferably a psychologist.

After you have gathered all you needed, either by yourself or through the help of a psychologist, you both can work together in reducing the stressors.

You could still look for ways to reduce it yourself, but if you can’t, then a helping hand will really be useful here to help stop any suicide attempt.

Before you attempt to do that though, take note, it’s going to be more mental than physical. So, you will need to be very thoughtful when dealing with it.

Their emotions will probably be hurt at this point. In that case, you need to be sympathetic when helping to reduce the stressors. Figure out possible ways to help repair their emotions, so that it will help to ease the process of reducing the stressors.

6. Examine the mental illness

If the state of the mind is not in good shape and suffers from mental illness, then it’s going to be very challenging. Be rest assured that their actions and thoughts are not going to be normal at this point.

In most cases, the depression, stress, and frustration they must have encountered will likely lead to mental disorders. That’s when the whole frustration and depression that has been lingering for too long begins to cause mental illness.

One thing suiciders have in mind before their actions are that all their worries will vanish when they take their life. However, what they fail to realize is that before they act, they were displaying certain acts of mental disorder.

That’s when you should take advantage of their subconscious acts to help stop them from attempting suicide. If you do that, it’s also important to make sure you examine their mental illness as well and try your best to do so before they decide to act.

Once you can examine it and get some results concerning it, half of the work is done. The rest of it all should be under your control.


Stopping depressed people from suicide can always be possible with the right measures. Anybody can help to stop someone from a suicide attempt, as long as he or she can stick with the right techniques.

The help depressed people need is nothing but simple, and yet, the tactical approach you can apply. These approaches will require a good combination of one tactic and the other so that it could yield good results in the end.

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