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What Makes a Good Teammate? Here is How to be One

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Knowing how to implement the qualities of a good team member will make you a great teammate. In this article, you will get to know how to implement them.

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Photo Credit: Pexels / Retha Ferguson

We all have seen those amazing teams; the teams that seem unbeatable; the teams that achieve the main goal of coming together. They are teams we all aspire to be a part of.

In order to get a team working and coming up with great results, every member of the squad should be able to be a good piece to fit In.

In other words, every teammate in a team needs to be very skilled in applying the qualities of a good team player. This, for sure, will make any team outstanding.

This means that every member of the squad is doing a good job of being a good teammate. The results: they stay united, cooperative, exceptional, productive, and they make things happen.

But, it’s not a case of some teammates, rather it’s a case of all teammates. In cases like this, you know you too need to be a piece that can fit in to support the team when they call for teamwork.

Let’s see how you can be that good teammate by knowing how to implement the qualities of a good team member.

Do you need to apply the qualities of a good team player?

If we take into consideration what the attributes of a great team with teamwork are, we will come to the conclusion that every teammate needs to possess the qualities of a good team player.

This makes these qualities important for team partners to possess. So, going contrary to the qualities that are needed in a team player will not qualify you to fit in.

Sure, these qualities are there, but it also tells you that they are attributes every member of a team needs to possess in order to get a team to excel.

Because “knowing” is not “doing”, and anything that is not done will not make any difference. In order words, any quality of a team player that is not applied will not make any difference in making you a good team player.

In fact, it will not contribute to assisting any team to achieve its goals. Maybe there are instances where people come up with “my own way” in a team, but the ideal question would be, “is it working?”

And the fact is that it is not working. Why? Because you failed to apply rules that are supposed to work in the team. This is where applying the qualities of a great team member will come in.

The only problem, however, could be not knowing the qualities, or knowing the qualities but not knowing how to implement them. It’s perfectly fine for whatever the case may be.

But let’s get down with knowing how to execute them.

How to be a good teammate

Below are steps on how to apply the qualities of a good team player to be a good teammate.

1. Avoid pride

In any exceptional team you happen to be a member of, it’s unlikely you won’t notice how helpful they are to one another. Anybody helps and receives help.

Another thing you will notice in such teams is how respectful they are to another. Respect is vital in order for any team to be solid. This makes it very essential to avoid pride.

First, you will be able to succumb to learning and accepting help from that great teammate who is willing to help you deal with something.

Secondly, if you are able to avoid pride, then you will find it very easy to respect members of your team. This will also translate into respecting their opinions and ideas.

The bottom line is that if you can accept help from teammates, you help yourself fit into the team. And If you respect their opinions and ideas, you grow yourself and stay consistent.

2. Be responsible

Extraordinary teammates in any team are always answerable to any task given to them to carry out in their committees. They are the ones people who are trusted by their teammates.

If you become a responsible teammate, you will be able to be a pro in good timing. You will end up being that person who keeps to time and being at the right place at the right time.

Also, as you hone your ability to be responsible, so does your ability to be flexible and consistent with whatever you do will begin to expand.

Your teammates can trust you with any task given to you. Everyone in your team can trust you enough to give you a certain task, or better still, they can trust you on helping others with their task.

So, you’d like to ensure that you are making efforts to stay focused and responsible for your team.

3. Be reliable

Whether it’s offering help to your teammates, doing a task, or learning something new, you would also want to make sure you are suitable to do it.

In essence, this means you are adding great value to your team, and you are being cooperative with helping anyone in your squad achieve his or her goal.

However, let’s not forget that consistency is key to anything, so you would also want to be consistent in anything you commit yourself to.

Every team likes a team player they can count on when it comes to accomplishing anything, even if it’s just a single thing. At least, they know you can deliver very well on it.

4. Be supportive

As a good teammate, you had wanted to make sure you also act as a source of inspiration and motivation to your team.

Actually, you had wanted to make sure you are in full support of your team and every single person in your team. That way, you will be able to give all that you have.

As a result, you will be willing to be adaptable to the game because you are already in full support of the team’s growth and the achievement of anyone in the team.

In addition to that, you will find out that your ability to stay flexible (which is also vital as a teammate) will begin to expand. In fact, you will be receptive to anything pertaining to the wellness of the team.

And if your team members get the idea that you are being supportive, then they will be more willing to help you through anything.

5. Be humble

By being humble you will be able to get rid of pride. So, as a good teammate, one of the priorities to bear in mind is to endeavor to embrace humility.

Besides, humble people as a whole tend to excel in any team they find themselves. And one crucial reason for this is because they are always open minded.

As a result of that, they expand their skill, knowledge, and growth. They believe that they can always learn anything new by staying humble.

In addition, you will want to stay humble as a teammate because this will also serve as a gateway to being helpful and every other attribute of a team good member.

Plus, being humble will help you in respecting every member of your team – which will in return – will enhance your interpersonal relationship with your team members and benefit the team by enhancing its unity.

Wrap up

Every one of those great teams you admire possesses solid teamwork. This comes as a result of every member of the team being a good teammate.

You will also need to remember that for you to be a great teammate, you will need to implement the right qualities (good team member qualities).

And to make everything easy for you, a good place to start would be knowing what makes a good teammate, as well as knowing how to implement the qualities to be one.

This will gradually grow the right qualities overtime.

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